Dreams Don’t Have To Be Expensive – How To Save Cash At Disneyland

Dreams Don't Have To Be Expensive - How To Save Cash At Disneyland

Have your kids starting asking if you can go on a Disney holiday? Even if they haven’t mentioned it just yet, it won’t be too long before they do, I can guarantee it! Every child is completely bewitched by the movie franchise and they will certainly jump at the chance of meeting all of their favorite characters and going on exciting rides that are inspired by their favorite movies. But will you be able to afford it?

There’s no denying that a Disney holiday is expensive. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to completely break the bank. There are a few ways you can keep the overall cost down as much as possible. Read on to find out more!

Find The Best Resort For Your Budget

There are a number of different Disney resorts dotted around the world. Thinking carefully about which one you should go to could help you save a nice wad of cash. For instance, it will be a lot cheaper for UK-based families to hop across the Channel and visit Disneyland Paris. Travel will be a lot cheaper than going all the way to the Florida resort, that’s for sure! It’s also worth considering exchange rates. Even though travel to a far away resort could be quite pricey, the currency exchange rate might mean that you can enjoy a really cheap holiday once you are there! 


Start Saving A Few Months Before You Go

As with any kind of holiday, it is always important that you start saving for a few months before you go. That way, you’ll have a lot more spending money to take with you and have a good time with. If you are struggling to save up, you might want to consider looking for a paycheck advance so that you can boost your savings a little. It’s also worth telling friends and relatives to give your kids money for birthday and Christmas presents instead of other gifts. They can then save this for holiday pocket money.

Travel In The Off-Season

Every big tourist destination around the world has seasons when they will be at their busiest. Not only will they be busy during these periods, but they will also be very expensive as well! This is definitely the case with the Disney resorts. Hotels will increase the price of their accommodation through the school holidays, for example. So, it’s always a good idea to try and travel during the off-season. Unfortunately, though, you might have trouble getting the required permission to take your kids out of school for the trip!

Buy Discounted Tickets

Even though the official Disney resort website doesn’t sell tickets to the parks at discounted prices, there are still some affiliated ticket sellers that do. So, you don’t have to worry about buying your tickets at full price! If you research these different official ticket sellers, you should be able to find some tickets that are incredibly discounted. It’s worth taking a look at the Mickey Visit website to kick off your search.

Book A Package Deal

If you have already taken a look at flights, airport transfers, hotels, and resort tickets, you might be slightly panicking at how quickly all these costs add up! Wouldn’t it just be easier if you could pay a single price for everything? Well, you will be happy to hear that it is entirely possible! There are lots of travel agents that now offer Disney package deals. Lots of families choose to go with a package deal just because it is a lot easier for them to organize. They choose the days they want to travel and that’s it – the travel agent then books their flights, hotels, and resort tickets for them. Not only that, though, but booking a single deal often works out a lot cheaper than trying to book everything separately.

Don’t Stay On The Resort

When you are looking at your accommodation options, you will notice that there are hotels situated right on the resort while some are just outside it. You might have already noticed the price of the resort hotels – it can be quite scary when you see just how expensive they are! So, for financial reasons, it is always best to choose a hotel that isn’t onsite. Don’t worry about spending a lot of money on travelling to the resort. Lots of these hotels are partnered with the park and will put on free bus transfers for all guests.

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