Earn money with your talents on Fiverr

Earn money with your talents on Fiverr 7

They say that everyone has a hidden talent. It might be you have fantastic social media skills or maybe you are excellent at proof reading other peoples content before they upload it! Perhaps you have a graphical design talent and you are able to help people out by designing logos and banners for someones blog or website.

Whatever your talent there are plenty of places where you can sell those skills online and earn some serious money from it.

fiverr gig

















Fiverr is a site that has been around for a great number of years now and offers a very busy platform for people to sell their skills. I’ve personally used the site in the past to buy services from other people where I just needed small jobs doing.

The sort of gigs that appear on Fiverr are anything from the bland to the extraordinary. If you can sing then you can create a gig offering people the ability to buy a video of you singing Happy Birthday to them! If you can speak a second language you could offer to help them convert it to English to to help them out with some University work.

The platform itself is incredibly flexible and you can offer your skills and services from not only $5 each but also slightly beefier work for $10 or $15 or maybe even more.


How to earn money on Fiverr

Creating your own ‘gig’ as Fiverr calls them to earn money couldn’t be simpler. Just create an account on their website and go into the selling section where you will be able to create an advert for your gig with ease.







As you can see above you are able to give the Fiverr gig whatever title you want that you think might be eye catching enough for people to click through.

fiverr gig






You are then able to give your gig a good description which will let people know what services you are offering and what they will be getting if they purchase your gig.

fiver gig






When it comes to making a logo like you can see above I just use sites like Cooltext and Canva to create something eye catching. I think the logo part would be especially important if you are running a gig that offers some kind of graphic design element to it.

Once the gig has been listed it will appear with the rest of the gigs within that category. I find making sure that you are putting in certain Keywords is very important if you want your gig to be noticed. Also spelling and grammar are key when it comes to promotion for your gig. People are far more likely to spend money on your services if they can see that you have spent extra time making your advert for the gig look professional.

fiverr gig







As with any good marketplace there is a fantastic feedback system in place which gives people the opportunity to leave (hopefully) positive feedback for you in regards to the services you provide to other people on there. The more feedback you get the more people are going to be willing to buy your services.

So don’t let your unique talents go to waste next time you are thinking about ways to make money from home. Head over on to Fiverr and turn it into some cash!

Heck, I paid $5 to this girl below to rant about being scammed online!!!


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