Make money by completing tasks and offers with 20 Cogs

Make money by completing tasks and offers with 20 Cogs 5

Want to get paid for signing up to FREE OFFERS? 20 Cogs is a website which will pay you money for signing up to free trials online.

As a nation we probably give away a lot of our information for free these days without even knowing about it. We sign up to a mailing list online or a website we want to trial and the companies get our details as we are happy to share them. 20 Cogs is a website that will let you sign up to free trials online and actually pay you directly!

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20 Cogs (Competitions Offers Games Surveys) is what is known in the earning from home world as an ‘Offerwall’ or ‘Clicksite’. As you sign up to offers that they direct you to you get paid! They always say that information is never free and finally this can work in your favour!

The site is very well presented throughout and everything is very clear and easy to understand. Nothing about the site is meant to catch you out or dupe you into handing over some of your personal details with no sign of a clear reward.

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Signing up to 20 Cogs is simple enough and once you have logged in you will get through to a whole host of offers you are able to take part in. Some might just require you to sign up to get emails and another might want a few more details about you. Everything is laid out easily for you to read and understand so you know what information you are giving away before you start to do an offer.

20 Cogs has over 300,000 members and has actually paid out over thousands in commissions so there is a great scope here in terms of earning potential if you are willing to keep an eye on the site and sign up to offers when they come in!

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If you were wondering how you keep track of all the offers you are doing at any one time you can see above 20 Cogs has a clear and easy to understand tracking system so you can see where you are at with an offer at any time and if you need to do some more work with it or not.

Remember – As always with these kind of sites if you sign up for a free trial of Graze boxes or Now TV make sure that you set a reminder in your calendar to cancel the free trial so that you don’t get charged if you don’t want to use the subscription going forward.

The amount of money available on each offer varies greatly. Some pay just £2.50 each and others pay £30 so there is a mixture of amounts that can be earned here. You are able to cash out from the site once you have completed 20 offers and some people on the system are earning £100s with a bit extra via the referral system.

There is a referral system on offer which even people without a blog can take advantage of by sharing with their social media friends. For each person you sign up you will get 5% of their earnings each time they complete and offer and you will also get a £20 bonus once they have completed their 20 Cogs (offers).

In terms of trust 20 Cogs has over 8.8/10 in its reviews on TrustPilot so people that have used and earned from the site are obviously happy enough to share their experiences online and promote it in a positive light.

So next time you are looking to earn a bit of extra cash from home head on over to 20 Cogs as you may be surprised just how much you an earn via the site just for giving a bit of your time away!


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