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How to get Profit Accumulator for only £14.99!

How to get Profit Accumulator for only £14.99!

Anyone that follows me online or uses The Money Shed forum knows I am a huge advocate for Profit Accumulator when it comes to doing Matched Betting.

They have the largest community of users out there which is a huge benefit and help when you are just getting started out with RISK FREE Matched Betting.

They cover every offer going and also offer Telephone support from Monday-Saturday should you need it and also offer some fantastic ‘extras’ like Match Catcher for horse refunds and Acca Catcher for earning a huge bundle of cash from Acca offers.

Indeed, if you’ve ever wanted to take a look at what you get BEHIND the paywall on Profit Accumulator the read this review we did of the matched betting service.

But did you know there is now a great way to get down the cost of Profit Accumulator and it’s called their ‘Loyalty Bonus’

The discounts on their regular priced membership of £17.99 kick in after ONLY 6 MONTHS and take the price down to £14.99.

How do I get Profit Accumulator cheaper?

The only requirement is that your membership with Profit Accumulator must be concurrent. You can’t join and then leave after 5 months and then join a few months later and want to take advantage of the £14.99 offer. As long as that membership has been concurrent as soon as you reach one of the checkpoints simply email and request your loyalty bonus.

YES the emphasis is on you to action this but taking a few minutes out of your day every 6 months to save yourself money with Profit Accumulator is well worth it!

Profit Accumulator Loyalty Offer Summary

Monthly Plans:

Reduction from £22.99 to £17.99 after 6 concurrent months
Reduction from £17.99 to £14.99 after 12 concurrent months
Free Platinum Plus upgrade after 18 concurrent months

Annual Plans:
Reduction from £150 to £115 after year 1
Free Platinum Plus upgrade after 18 months

In order to claim your loyalty bonus, your subscription must have been active for the aforementioned period of months without interruption.

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