Match Catcher from Profit Accumulator – Review

Match Catcher from Profit Accumulator - Review

Those of you who use The Money Shed regularly and visit the forum will know that a LOT of us earn a LOT of money doing RISK FREE and TAX FREE Matched Betting. It is without doubt the easiest and quickest way to earn £1000+ a month from home compared to surveys / mystery shopping / WSE etc. type work.

The Matched Betting service I personally use and recommend is Profit Accumulator and the guys behind that site have just come out with a new service called Match Catcher

Match Catcher is a service they have developed to help you save both time and money when it comes to doing horse refund offers. These are the offers you see plastered ALL OVER Channel 4 races each weekend (Money back as a free bet if your horse comes 2nd!). These offers appear in the Profit Accumulator Reloads section everyday and can be a bit of a manual heavy task when it comes to finding good matches that make you a qualifying loss of only a few pence. Match Catcher solves this issue for you and I will show you how.


The first thing you will want to play with when you sign up to Match Catcher are the filters


Match Catcher

Here we are able to alter any requirements we may be after. It may be that PaddyPower are running a free bet refund if your horse comes 2nd offer but only on 2 races at Doncaster. Here we can setup our filters just to show that. We can also play around with options like the max/min odds we will accept and most importantly, the most we would accept for the qualifying loss. By default the system is setup to assume you are doing £25 bets however using the ‘Back Stake Override’ filter on the right we could change that to be £10 or £15 or anything else we want.

Once all our filters are in place we will get something like this below.

Match Catcher

As we can see above what Match Catcher gives us is an easy to use set of LIVE DATA which gives us instant access to the best matches. We can then click on the link for the bookie and for the exchange and place our qualifying bet meaning we know we are getting the best close matches with minimum qualifying loss. No more manually searching for good matches each morning! We can even see how much we need to lay so we can just copy that amount over in the exchange bet and we are done!

One of the best features it offers to cover the times where the LIVE data may be a few seconds out of sync with the odds at the bookie or the exchange is the calculator option. This is built into Match Catcher and you can access it by clicking the button just above the star on the left of each result.

Match Catcher

Here you can alter any details you may need to get the correct lay stake. There’s no need to flip between tabs any more and run the calculator separately, now it is all built into the same system making things FAR easier for you.

So how has Match Catcher worked for me? I’ve been using it for the last few weeks and exclusively been using it on Saturday racing. I have also only been using it on offers with Ladbrokes, William Hill and Paddy Power. So far I have made over £200  in horse refunds. My loses are down to a few pence and I have saved SO much time by just being able to get the matches so quickly. Another excellent feature of Match Catcher worth mentioning is the ‘Alert’ system. Here you can custom an alert for yourself. Say you only wanted to find a good match for the 15:30 at Kempton and you want the odds to be below 5.0 with a maximum qualifying loss of 50p. Using the Alerts system you can create that request and the webpage will give you an audible and visual alert when that match is fine, again, less time staring at the laptop screen!

My honest opinion is that Match Catcher is an excellent piece of software which will save anyone doing Matched Betting both time and money and expose them to far more horse refunds then they would have done if they were doing it without it.

What do you think?

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