Why do you need a media kit for your blog?

Why do you need a media kit for your blog?


After my first post based on the news that they Webfluential offer media kits to influencers – they contacted me and offered me a job, via their booking form, to put together a sponsored post letting you know why Media Kits are so important and a must have for bloggers. I thought I’d give you 3 TOP TIPS when it comes to having a Media Kit on your blog if are you looking to get PAID sponsored posts.

1) It makes you credible, and makes brands feel more secure when booking you

A Media Kit gives companies who are thinking about working with you all the info they need in once place. A Media Kit should include things like your latest stats, what your blog is about and some choice quotes from companies who have worked with you before. One of the BIGGEST pluses of Webfluential is that the Media Kit is dynamic. As you get more followers of Twitter or get a better reach with your content your Media Kit will update itself on the fly to reflect that.  Once you have set it all up you don’t have to do anything at all when it comes to making sure the the absolute latest details in regards to your blog stats are being promoted to potential companies you might work with.

2) It guarantees you get payment, every time – no chasing up invoices and admin!

Sometimes writing the Sponsored post can be the easy part! Chasing for payments is without doubt one of the worst. Anything that can make that process simplier is without doubt a major plus. The Webfluential booking platform have made the whole connection between client and blogger far simpler in terms of how payments and communication take place throughout a booking. No more dealing with one person at a PR company and then being asked to send a PayPal invoice to ‘Denise’ in Account who is on holiday until next week, now everything comes through one service and you feel much more in control.

Webfluential Booking

3) You can even generate your own quotes with the Media Kit to pitch yourself to brands.

Webfluential booking form

Why wait for companies to contact you when you can pitch to them? If you find a company you like and think you are a good match with them Webfluential has a fantastic hack which can be found here where you can basically pitch to them showing them your stats and charges straight from the off!

Webfluential Media Kit



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