Making the right decision with Vaping

Making the right decision with Vaping

E-cigarettes are becoming more & more popular amongst smokers for various reasons; evidence published so far suggests that vaping instead of smoking tobacco is up to 95% safer, due to the lack of chemicals & carcinogens that traditional cigarettes contain. Vaping is also a lower cost alternative by a long stretch – nowadays a pack of 20 “good quality” cigarettes can cost anywhere from £8-10! Imagine if you smoked 20 a day – that is nearly £300 a month on cigarettes that could be going towards other things such as a family holiday! Not to mention the smell. Tobacco smoke clings to absolutely everything; your hair, clothes – anything. Smokers are also limited as to where they can light up now too – as of 2007, it is illegal to smoke in enclosed public places & vehicles, and doing so will net you a fixed penalty of £50 or a court fine of up to £200.

Due to all these reasons, many people are using e-cigs as an effective way to kick the habit for good, as they can still get the nicotine they crave, without impacting their health, or pocket. However, with so many products on the market, how can we be sure to choose the products that best suit our needs? The majority of people interested in e-cigs are indeed current smokers of traditional cigarettes. Not only do they want to know the benefits of swapping their favourite brand for an electronic device, but they will also want to know where to be able to get their hands on their new device.

There are many comparison sites out there and finding which are the best e-cigarette brands can be a bit of a challenge. It’s important to consider when you choose the best e-cig for your needs to also analyse things like starter packs & liquids as well as looking for things like discount codes & beginners guides on how to vape. For the more advanced vapers some websites even have a “juice calculator” where you can try your hand at mixing different liquids to find your perfect strength & flavour!

The vaping world really has exploded over the last few years but it is important that when you are choosing a vaping device that you are 100% happy with not only the item itself but also the support you will be looking to get from the website when you order it. What if something goes wrong or what if you have a question? These are all things that with a bit of online research you can find out before you place you first order.

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