7 Money Saving Tips For Farmer’s

7 Money Saving Tips For Farmer’s

7 Money Saving Tips For Farmer’s

While owning a farm can be a great investment, it can also be tricky keeping on top of everything without burning a hole in your pocket. However small they may seem, there’s things you can do to save money and cut the costs of your farm, that will pay off in the long run.


Complete Regular Machinery Checks

Making sure you keep maintenance in check can be hugely beneficial to your farm by helping you prevent the hefty cost of repairs. Checking machinery every so often allows you to fix small problems if you can, preventing a huge emergency repair situation, and also makes your farm a safer place to work.


Invest In Quality Equipment

Thinking carefully about what you buy is key to cutting the costs in the long term. Invest in high quality, lasting equipment such as this wire mesh fencing to keep from having to replace your equipment as often due to breakage or rusting.


Invest in Quality Clothing

Along with your equipment, it’s important not to skimp on the amount you pay for clothing. It may be tempting to buy some cheap work gear, and purchasing high quality brands such as Hunter and Barbour may seem pricey at first, but their lasting quality and comfort will pay off big time.


Make Do and Mend

You’ve likely heard this one before, but embracing your DIY skills is definitely a tip to remember when saving money. Look for old pieces of wood, metal or general bits and bobs and you’d be surprised how you can put them to use.


Buy Second-hand

Additionally, scouring websites like Gumtree for pre-loved equipment or machinery or even looking in second-hand shops for something you can put to use can be a handy way to save money. Plus you’re helping out someone else by taking their unwanted equipment off their hands; win win.


Look After Your Animals

Vets bills can be huge, and sometimes avoidable. Make sure you’re looking after your animals with things like regular feeding, and closely monitor them for any signs of illness or injury and you may be able to avoid these costs


Prioritize and Plan

Plan what exactly you want to get from farming and make sure you know what each task involves. This may save you money by avoiding wasting money on things that may not need it, or investing more money at a time into areas that do need it.


It can be a long and tricky process, but keeping your farm costs low can be easily done and is definitely worth it if you’re on a tighter budget than some. It can also be fun sourcing products and constructing things yourself, and fulfilling knowing you’ve saved money while maintaining a great farm!

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