Easy Halloween costumes that won’t break the bank

Easy Halloween costumes that won't break the bank 6


With Halloween right around the corner, many of us are planning parties, nights out, trick or treating and the biggest element of all – costumes. For many, the costs of Halloween can add up quickly, especially with the prices of last minute attire. Avoid the fancy dress shop ques and hefty price tag nightmares this Halloween with these tips on some of the cheapest and easiest costume ideas to try.


























A foolproof halloween classic, all you need for this fancy dress idea is some good face makeup, a comb, fake blood and some old clothing that you don’t mind ripping to shreds. Start with the makeup, creating a pale white base and using different shades to give the illusion of under eye bags and wounds. Backcomb your hair as much as possible, and make sure to give your outfit a few noticeable rips and splashes of blood. If you want to step up your game a little bit, take a more creative route such as with this zombie bride and groom idea as pictured above.

Addams family member 



















Perfect for trick or treating families, the Addams family is a really fun and easy costume idea to achieve. For the grown ups, all you need is all black clothing, wigs if needed, and some spooky makeup. For little monsters, find a stripey black top for Pugsley and a black peter pan collar dress and some pigtails for Wednesday. If you have any cash to spare, invest in some creepy props such as ‘thing’ the hand to make those family photos even more fun.

Day of the dead-er


















This one does require a little bit of skill, so you may need a makeup-savvy helping hand to achieve the full effect. Day of the dead costumes consist of cool skeletal facepaint, a dress or suit and a few mexican inspired accessories. For females, decorative roses worn in the hair as a crown is a popular style for this costume, and luckily there are plenty of DIY tutorials to help you create this look.

DIY mummy

This one’s great for any age range, and best of all, the entire costume can be made with items you already have in the home. First, find an old white sheet, brew some coffee or tea, and splash over the sheet until it’s left with a mucky shade. Rip the sheet into pieces and pin to a bodysuit of your choice until your whole body is covered (allowing the costume to be easily removed for toilet breaks of course!) Put on some ‘living dead’ esque makeup, and then voila – a fun and effective halloween costume without the added expense.

A bank robber

Last but not least, if you’d rather not mess around with makeup and DIY skills, this costumes perfect for you. All this fancy dress idea requires is a striped top, some black trousers or jeans, some black shoes, a black beanie and an eye mask. You can easily find plenty of striped tops from online stores such as Bellfield clothing for great prices, that are also wearable enough to get use out of all year round.


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