Employee Benefits Your Probably Haven’t Thought Of

Employee Benefits Your Probably Haven't Thought Of

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company; they are what keeps things ticking over and improving – without them your business wouldn’t be where it is now. And where you probably do recognise them for good work and give them some great benefits to keep them happy and loyal, like cycle to work schemes, allotted holiday, and bonuses, there are some great employee benefits you probably haven’t explored.


A lot of your employees will be struggling with their finances – not because you don’t pay them enough, but because of various other reasons out of your control. However, what is in your control is the opportunity to help them to get back on track, or even to help them secure a loan to pay off any debts. Employee financial wellbeing can give your employees tips and tricks for being financially stable and can give small loans that are repaid directly from their wages.

Charity Bonuses

Rather than having your traditional bonus scheme, or, even better, as well as, you can introduce a charity bonus. Use it the same way you would any other bonus – if you reach a certain sales target, an amount gets sent to a charity. Everyone likes to give to charity whenever they can, so by placing it as a monthly goal, your employees will really strive to work towards those targets and yet that bonus.

Pay Beyond The Grave

Many companies, like Google and Starbucks, have a policy that if a person dies while still in their employment, they will pay the employee’s spouse or next of kin a percentage of their wages for a set amount of time. This benefit is a great incentive for employees, as it acts as a kind of life insurance that will help their families in the event of their death.

Alternates To Cycling

Most companies now have a ‘cycle to work’ scheme to try and entice their employees to go green. But for those people who don’t have that option – like people in wheelchairs – can you offer them an alternative? If they drive or are driven to work, can you create a carpool payment plan? Or can you support them in getting an eco-friendly or electric car fitted to their needs, rather than paying them a little each month?

Doggy Daycare

Many companies help their employees when it comes to child care, with flexible hours and childcare vouchers. But a lot of people out there have pets that need to be left at home all day. If you don’t want doggo’s running about the office, can you help your employees with the cost of doggy daycare or their dog walkers while they’re at work?

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