How to get that cheap Spanish holiday!

How to get that cheap Spanish holiday!

Chances are when you turned 18 (or perhaps younger!) your first holiday away from your parents was somewhere down in Spain. The mainland, Lanzarote, Ibiza etc. It’s somewhere I’ve holidayed a good number of times and with amazing temperatures throughout not only the Summer months but most of the year there are reasons you find a lot of people tend to retire and move over there! There is just so much to choose from location wise and while it’s not as cheap as it once was to go on holiday there are still a number of ways you can keep the prices down.


It’s all about HOW you book not WHO you book with I find with flights. Anyone that has seen the Trivago ad will know the hotels run a similar system where the same room is available at lots of different prices with different retailers and flight seats are no different.

I’ve found using companies such as SkyScanner, CheapFlights and Kayak to look at the available prices you can really find a way to bring those down. Also NEVER forget to go via TopCashBack of QuidCo to shave even more off the top. I’ve had hundreds of pounds back when booking flights via a cashback site so it’s well worth the extra few seconds it takes to load up their website before you begin booking!

One thing to remember though is that if you book flights via a broker site such as Expedia that sometimes it can be slightly tricky to get changes made to your flight compared to if you booked directly with the airline.


Anyone that uses our forum will know I’m a BIG fan of the loophole I found with eBookers to get hotels all around the world at the absolutely cheapest you possibly can, however, there are lots of other good websites out there for booking your next Spanish holiday. From TravelSuperMarket to Holiday Gems there are loads of great websites out there that let you tailor your accommodation requirements to your liking.

One thing I will say is that with holidays in places like Spain I literally just want somewhere to lay my head at the end of the day and so I tend to not be too fussed on the fluffy extras and because of this I’m able to keep my hotel costs down!


I used to be of the mindset of just converting Pounds to Euros a few days before and making a ‘guestimate’ in terms of how much cash I would need. This was all well and good but when I got out there and I wanted more I kept having to draw from my UK Debit Card which resulted in me getting charged a fee each time. It was because of this that I got a FairFx card which is a travel card which you can not only pre-load with money before you go but you can also add more to it via an app on your phone!

So next time you are thinking about booking a holiday to somewhere in far more sunnier climates than we have here in the UK make sure you follow these tips to REALLY keep the cost down!

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