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Your engagement marks the first step of your marital journey together, so why not celebrate it? Many couples go without an engagement party, or even a ring, because they can’t afford it. But Car Cash Point can offer you their logbook loans for engagement costs so you can enjoy every minute!

Getting engaged and married can be an expensive time, especially if the two are close together. But which is more worthy of celebration? Your head might say that your wedding should be the main reason for all your saving. But your heart wants to celebrate both – and why shouldn’t you? Despite that, your financial situation might tell an altogether different story.

A quick and easy loan

Knowing that you need to save for your wedding might put a stop to celebrating your engagement altogether. But the good news is, it doesn’t need to. You don’t necessarily need to go completely over the top, choosing a modest or low key celebration to suit you. But more importantly, there’s a way to enjoy the perfect engagement ring, making it all the more official.

Taking out a loan might not be at the top of your list for getting extra money towards your engagement. But with the right low-cost loan, it could give you the help you need, while also letting you save for your big day too. And with a logbook loan for engagement costs – whatever they might entail – you could find it a quick and easy way to start you off on the right track.

Transparent and flexible

So how does a logbook loan work? Well, you need to own your own car, make sure it’s free from any finance and have the car’s V5 logbook document. If none of those pose a problem, then you could be just minutes away from securing a loan based on the value of your own car. And Car Cash Point are one of the UK’s leading logbook loan lenders who can help you do it.

Car Cash Point understand that it shouldn’t be difficult to borrow money for an emergency or an extravagance, whatever your financial background or circumstances are. That’s why Car Cash Point offer a transparent and flexible range of logbook loans to suit your needs.

Get a head start

With a Car Cash Point logbook loan, there are no credit checks. So if you’re on a lower income or have had credit issues in the past, it shouldn’t stop you from getting a loan. And there’s a low APR interest rate too – almost half of some other logbook loan lenders.

Plus, no fees or charges are ever hidden from you. Your payments are explained to you up front and in full before you apply, including any potential charges you could experience. That way, you’ll always know what you’re paying and when you’ll be paying it, so there are no nasty surprises.

Don’t go without a ring, or a party, to celebrate – a logbook loan for your engagement celebrations from Car Cash Point can make all the difference. And with repayment terms that fit in with how you receive your own income, it all makes for a easy and safe way to get a head start on married life.

Spread your engagement costs with a logbook loan

Getting engaged means a celebration second only to the wedding itself. But the big focus of any engagement is the ring – or maybe rings, if you’re both looking to show off some fine jewelry. To help you both find the ideal ring, a logbook loan is a great way to cover your engagement costs – and to help you celebrate too!

Traditionally, it’s the ladies who have worn an engagement ring. That put the responsibility squarely on the groom-to-be to spend a few months salary on a suitably extravagant ring for the blushing bride-to-be. However, as times change, that ‘salary’ rule has fallen by the wayside with many couples preferring to keep it more modest.

Is there an easy way to save?

But as a more modest level of spend has come in, there’s also been a rise in the number of men getting in on the engagement ring act too – and why not? Though this is a relatively new tradition, it’s becoming more common. So if you decide this is what you’d both like to do, then it’s going to add to your budget.

And celebrating your engagement is also something you might want to look at. Most couples are inclined to throw a party to celebrate with close friends and family as they look forward to the big day. But even if you intend to keep the celebrations low key, with food, drinks and venue hire among the priorities, your engagement costs could start to escalate.

While the main focus of your saving might be for the wedding itself, the symbolic act of buying and exchanging your engagement rings is just as important and could set you back a bit. So is there an easy way to save while having the engagement rings and party you really want? With a low interest logbook loan from Car Cash Point, the answer is yes.

A logbook loan for engagement costs

A logbook loan is an ideal way to spread your engagement costs and Car Cash Point can help you save as much as you can. So how does it work? Well, if you own your own car (and if it’s free from any finance agreement) and have your V5 logbook, you can apply straight away by calling 0333 057 8778.

As one of the UK’s leading logbook loan lenders, Car Cash Point can use your car as security, allowing you to borrow any amount from £500 to £100,000. There are no hidden fees or charges, and no credit checks, meaning you could get the money you need on the same day – usually within just one hour.

There’s also a really low rate of interest – almost half that of some other logbook loan lenders. And with the Car Cash Point Best Rate Promise, it means that if you find another logbook loan lender with a lower price, they’ll beat it by 10%! Combined with a range of flexible repayment terms to suit your own income, a Car Cash Point logbook loan could really help with all your engagement costs.

So to help your plans go smoothly, contact Car Cash Point today. They’ll guide you through the whole simple process in plain, jargon-free English and advise you on the next step. For more information, just visit to find out more and apply online.

Visit Car Cash Point today at to find out more and apply online.

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