Getting to those MUST DO events on the cheap

Getting to those MUST DO events on the cheap

I was speaking to a friend at work yesterday who is off to see a big time boxing match in Cardiff with some friends and can’t wait to go but was complaining that he is staying overnight in an AirBnB location due to spending so much on the travel to get there.

It got me thinking about the different ways you can save money when going to see concerts or sporting events to make sure that you have a great time ‘around’ the concert as well!


Car is usually King for a lot of people when heading off to some kind of event. Usually this is just the convenience factor as it requires no pre-booking of any kind and apart from making sure you pack the sat-nav you can just fill the car with petrol and head off.

If you have a small group of people though who can’t fit in a car you might want to consider hiring a minibus. SMC Coach Hire is one such company that lets you set the pick-up and drop-off to be whatever you want in the UK (or indeed Europe!) and will take you to and from destination with ease and even offer a price comparison feature so they can really work out much cheaper than all buying train tickets. Their vehicle range come in a variety of prices from budget to luxury and they can cater for up to 75 people in your party going!


I’m a big believer in a hotel just being a ‘place to sleep’ a lot of the time. I’m not fussed about the ‘experience’ I get from the likes of Holiday Inn Express or a Premier Inn. I remember going to see Radiohead in concert a number of years ago and we stayed in a Travelodge quite a bit out of the city but it only cost us £40 for the night which was a bargain! Location can play such a big factor when it comes to how much you have to pay to stay over after seeing a sporting event or concert so sometimes it may be worth looking at less centralised hotels if you wish to stay the night.


Whenever you are at a concert or sporting even there’s no denying that you are a captive audience to them. I’ve spent a crazy amount on food and drink once inside a concert as sadly there is very little you can do about it. As someone that now shops at Costco and is able to buy 72 cans of Pepsi Max for £11 you really begrudge up paying £2 for a bottle of Coke inside the event. The only thing you can really do is take in food from outside which isn’t always possible. We were at Old Trafford recently for the Rugby League Grand Final and thankfully there is a giant Tesco Extra right opposite it so you can fill you boots with snack food and drink and take that in with you saving you some major £££ when it gets to half time.

As you can see there are lots of different ways you can save money when you head on out to see a concert or your favourite sporting team play. Withe the cost of entrance being higher than ever for a lot of events around the UK it’s very important that you look to save money where you can so that you don’s end up missing out!


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