How to Save Money this Winter

How to Save Money this Winter

As the winter draws in, you may be feeling excited about the sweater weather and festive season. However, a cold winter could mean more than just wrapping up with a few extra layers when you step outside. For many homeowners across the UK, it could mean an increase in the likelihood of a home emergency.

Home emergencies can be exceptionally expensive and inconvenient (especially if the emergency involves lost keys on a cold, blustery night). That’s why something like Home Emergency Cover could save you hundreds of pounds per year for just £91.25 per annum.

What Emergencies Can You Save Money On? 

In the course of a year, you’d be surprised by how many emergencies take place. Boiler breakdown, burst pipes and damaged roofs are commonplace and could cost you dearly to fix without the right kind of cover.

Here are some more circumstances which you will save money on this winter with Home Emergency Cover.

Blocked & Burst Pipes

The cold weather can lead to frozen water damaging the pipes within your house. This is why it is advisable to leave your heating on low when the weather reaches its coldest peak. However, for many this may not be suitable due to the heating cost. This is one of the most common plumbing problems and can lead to extensive home damage through flooding if not fixed.

Therefore, fixing this problem is not a cheap and quick fix. Fixing a burst or blocked pipe can cost anywhere between £100-£300 depending on the extent of the damage. In contrast, Home Emergency will cost you just £91.25 and a contractor will be sent our right away to help resolve the issue.

Roof Repairs

Although cuddling up while a storm rages outside may be the epitome of cosy – it won’t be cosy if your find a leak in your roof. Strong winds have the ability to pull the tiles off the roof and potentially cause water damage within your home. Understandably, if this happens you want it resolved as quickly as possible.

Depending on the material, repairing a roof can cost up to £90 to replace just one tile. You can do the maths on how much this may cost if more tiles are damaged. Home Emergency Cover will cost you just £1.25 more and will cover you for up to £1000 for roof damage that could affect the inside of your home. There’s also no discrimination, we cover roofs made out of any material.

Boiler & Heating Failure

There’s nothing worse than not being able to warm up in your own home. Unfortunately, broken boilers are commonplace – especially if your boiler is over 15 years old. This can also be dangerous, so it is necessary to resolve a boiler breakdown as quickly as possible.

To fix a minor repair such as a replacement fan, gas value or printed circuit board, it can cost you up to £150. A more serious problem such as a damaged heat exchanger could cost you up to £300. 

Furthermore, many home emergency cover plans opt to not cover boilers which are 15+ years old. However, at Best Price FS, we cover boilers of all ages (as long as they are maintained) and will send a plumber out as soon as possible to carry out repairs.

Home Emergency Cover from Best Price FS

These are just a few of the most common home emergencies that could occur this winter. But Home Emergency Cover from Best Price FS also covers costs such as toilet damage, gas & electricity failure, lost keys and home security compromises.

Considering all the emergencies that could happen within the home, £91.25 is the best price for home emergency cover you will find on the market. That’s under £8 per month!

Home Emergency Cover could save you hundreds over the course of the winter. You may be thinking ‘oh, but that won’t happen to me’ – but we can assure you that emergencies happen to anyone and everyone. It’s best to be covered and ensure your home is warm and safe all winter (and summer) long.

You can find out more about Home Emergency Cover from Best Price FS here. 


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