A Guide to Maximising Revenue for Small Online Businesses in 2018

A Guide to Maximising Revenue for Small Online Businesses in 2018

Just because your business is small and online, that doesn’t mean that it has to accept low revenue figures going forward. There are so many things you can do to maximise that revenue, and it doesn’t necessarily have to involve spending a lot of money on marketing and advertising as many people seem to think. If you get creative and start taking logical steps, there’s nothing stopping you from getting this done on a relatively tight budget.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about maximising your revenue and making sure that you always put your business on the path to success. The small stature of your business doesn’t matter one bit, nor does the fact that you’re only operating online. Before you know it, your business will be making money and it won’t be so small after all. Read on to learn more about all this.

Never Stop Searching for Efficiency Gains

Efficiency is going to play a major part in making sure that your business is able to see its revenue go higher and higher. It’s up to you to never stop searching for these big efficiency gains because they can be found in so many different places when you’re willing to look. Be realistic about the things you do and the areas of waste located inside your business. By addressing these issues, you can grease the wheels and make the whole enterprise more efficient.

Renegotiate Supplier Deals

Suppliers are there to be negotiated with. If you have had a deal with them and you’ve never seen the prices move except for when they go up, it might be time for you to renegotiate the deal. Don’t assume that you have to simply accept things the way they are because that’s not true at all. If you threaten to find other suppliers, you will soon find that they become more willing to discuss prices with you once more, so make the most of this as soon as you can.

Make Clients Recurring Clients

Clients are great and you of course need as many of them as possible. But instead of simply focusing on the number of clients and customers your business has and is capable of attracting, you should try to make sure that you also look at how often they’re buying from you. Recurring clients are so much more valuable than the kind of clients who buy from you once and then disappear. If you can ensure that more people come back, your revenue will rise much faster.

Encourage More Referrals

Having people recommend your business to other people they know is definitely worthwhile if you haven’t looked into making this happen before now. The more you can encourage these referrals, the greater your pickup rate will be. Every company needs to attract more and more customers if they’re going to have any chance of finding real and lasting success. You can incentivise referrals by offering rewards to customers who do it successfully.

Try to Upsell to Customers

For some people, upselling is still something of a dirty word, but it most definitely shouldn’t be. When you’re willing to push your customer that little bit further and find out if they’re willing to part with a bit more of their hard-earned cash, you will find that many of them take the opportunity. It’s all about showing them things that you think they’ll be interested in. It can be done online by showing customers what other people bought who also bought the same things as them.

Embrace Faster and Safer Online Operations With Cloud Computing

These days, businesses need to be fit for purpose and able to deal with the demands of the modern landscape. That means prioritising connectivity and online operations. Cloud computing for small business enterprises like yours is an essential part of that. It provides you with a faster way to conduct your operations, as well as much more security for your business. Neither of those things should be dismissed or undervalued in any way because they’re getting more important all the time.

Tweak Your Prices When It’s Necessary to do So

Your pricing strategy should never ever be set in stone. That’s one mistake that so many online businesses fail to get right. They set things up, put the prices in place and then wait for the sales to start rolling in. But times change and the market changes too. If there are other competitors offering slightly lower prices for the same quality products, you’re going to lose out. Be sure to keep one eye on your rivals and tweak your prices when it becomes necessary for you to do so.

Streamline Those Big Management Costs

Management costs and admin costs can run pretty high, even when we’re talking about relatively small online businesses. That’s clearly a problem because it means that money is being spent on things that involve nothing more than keeping the business ticking over. That’s clearly not what you want so you should try to streamline those costs and make big savings wherever you can. You’ll be surprised by just how much money can be saved when you make the effort.


Let Other People Take Care of Tasks That You Don’t Need to Focus On

There are some things that the owner of a business really doesn’t need to be doing. These are the things that should be left to other people. You’ll then be able to focus on the things that really matter rather than focusing on issues that only slow you down and hold you back in the office. If you’re going to increase your revenue, you’ll need to have the freedom to be creative when you’re at work.

Raise Expectations Without Pushing People Too Hard

Raising expectations is a good thing because it can prevent things like stagnation and complacency from creeping in when you’re running a business. The trick is to raise these standards without making people feel like they’re being overworked or pressurised in any way. If your employees do feel like they’re being pushed too hard, they’ll simply switch off.

Retain Staff That You Know Add Value

If you have members of staff that you know are doing good work and are capable of adding value to the business and its income, you’ll have to work hard to keep hold of them. Keep them happy at all times and pay them well so that they don’t become tempted by job opportunities working for companies that are bigger and richer than yours.

Keep Looking for Ways to Broaden the Overall Appeal of Your Brand

The more appealing your brand is, the more successful it will be going forward. It’s always worth trying to broaden your brand’s appeal in whichever ways you can. Of course, you don’t want to wander too far away from what made your business special in the first place. But looking for ways to appeal to a wider audience doesn’t mean selling out; those two things are entirely different from one another. Keeping looking for ways to pull new people in and you’ll make a lot more money.

It’s about time you started implementing some of these ideas and making the most of the riches they can bring to your company. There is no need to put up with substandard revenue figures any longer. As long as you’re willing to put the work in and be creative with how you operate your business, you’ll carry on growing it.


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