How to add value to your home on a budget

add value to your home

Your home reflects your personality. Maintaining it can be an expensive task, however, there are a few tricks that can be made to keep your house fresh and modern whilst being on a tight budget. Here are a few top tips from the property experts at The Property Buying Company about how to add value to your home.


Whether you are trying to sell your house fast or just have guests coming over that you want to impress, the exterior of your property is the first thing they will see. Arguably, the exterior of a property is just as important as the interior. 

To start adding value, get your gardening gloves on and begin de-weeding in any flower beds and cracks through your patio. Doing such a small tedious job can boost your kerb appeal within an instant. Another way to neaten your garden is by mowing the lawn. Cutting down areas such as grass and hedges will make your property feel more so spacious and generate a tidy appearance.

Make home lighter

Lighting within a house can change the mood of any home owner. You want to make your property as light as possible at all times. On a morning, open all curtains and blinds to let in natural light in. Elsewhere, changing bulbs to LED will not only make your rooms feel brighter and spacious, it is also a cost effective over time. Initially, the bulbs are expensive, however after a few months they will lower your energy bill. Having bright bulbs such as LED lights can also make a home feel warmer hence making it feel homely.

Maximise Key Areas

Certain rooms in any home can arguably be the heart of a property. Many believe the kitchen is the most important room in a house, due to its functionalitiesand its entertaining purposes. Others think the Living Room is a key space in a home due to it being an area of a house where everyone can relax. Whichever you believe takes priority in your house, either room shouldn’t be overlooked. Some home owners may not have improved certain rooms due to the price tag that is assumed with a kitchen, bathroom or a living room. However, there are alternatives to buying a new suite.

In any room, changing small aspects can produce a change. To make a start, you can sand down any internal areas (such as doors, skirting boards, banisters etc.) and re-gloss these to give them a new and fresh look. In the kitchen or bathroom, why not re-grout your tiles to give a tidy impression or replace handles on cupboards to give the room a modern feeling.  

If you have carpets, you could try putting carpet powders down to then hoover up. This would help remove stains and give the room a brand-new smell. Although, if you have wooden floors underneath, you could remove the carpets and repaint or polish the floor boards to change the appearance of the room.


Decorating a room can be cheap as chips. Buying buckets of paint can be the easiest way to invest in your home whilst being on a budget. Painting can allow your home to remain up to date and modern for a small price. Selecting neutral colours will stop your home from quickly being outdated, and using lighter shades can make a room more welcoming. If you decide that you would like to use wallpaper, make sure you choose something low-key. Also apply this to accent walls rather than all the walls in one room as by doing this will make your room blend with the rest of the house. 


The majority of us can think of a few areas that need a bit of love. Instead of walking past the fault, get fixing. The slightest problem can add value to your home. Go around your home checking for all areas whether its plumbing, electrical or building work. Some things will be simple to fix such as changing light bulbs or screwing taps tighter to stop them from leaking. If you find holes, Polyfilla is a great way to fix them quickly. Fixing small things will add value to it giving your home a well-maintained appearance. 

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