How to Boost Your Business Visibility Using Current Events

Opening Ceremony

FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony 2018.

The modern world is one of interconnectivity and global community; meaning that there is more pressure than ever for businesses to keep their finger on the pulse. With the advent of social media and the internet age, there is no longer any excuse for not being up-to-date with the latest trends and news. Incorporating current events into the public presence of your business can have far-reaching and long-lasting effects, kickstarting an enduring partnership or boosting your visibility for the duration of an event. Here we’ll look at the different ways in which established businesses have used prominent current events to their advantage as inspiration for how you can cultivate the same technique.

International Flags

Extend your reach with international interests.

International Interest

If you want your business to reach a broader audience, then integrating an international event into your output can make a significant impact. High-profile sports events are the perfect candidate as they often include many countries and encourage people’s sense of patriotism and national pride. Allying your business with an international event that not only resonates with most of the world’s population but is also tied to the high emotions of a sports competition is a winning situation. It puts you on the map as a business concerned with global interests as well as utilising the feel-good factor of sports.

An excellent example of this is the latest Spin & Goal promotion from PokerStars. Tapping into the global popularity of the FIFA World Cup, this international gaming company can garner interest in their products from football fans. This method opens their business to a wider audience and forges a real, long-lasting connection with customers rather than a superficial one.


The famous Wimbledon Centre Court.

Long-Running Partnership

The second longest-lasting partnership between a sports event and a product is the one that still exists between Robinsons’ juice and the Wimbledon tennis tournament. The relationship first began all the way back in 1935 when Robinsons started serving their newly invented Lemon Barley Water to the players. The affiliation has persisted all the way through to the present day, with Robinsons striking deals with high-profile players, such as Serena Williams and Andy Murray.

The success of this association comes from the compatibility of the two names involved and the scope for a continually developing marketing situation. For example, this year, Robinsons is promoting their new product with a competition on social media to win VIP tickets to Wimbledon. The campaign sparks customers’ interest in the link to Wimbledon but also highlights the new product by referencing both the historical partnership and the new drink on offer.

The relationship between a business and an international sports tournament can be a valuable thing. In an increasingly regulated advertising space, brands like Heineken have had to be creative. By partnering with Formula 1, not only can they advertise their product to an enormous fan base but can also highlight the company’s care for the community by rolling out their ‘When you drive, never drink’ campaign alongside it. When it comes to incorporating a sports event into your business output, the opportunities are limitless and ultimately rewarding. The key to success is to find the crossover between your business and the event in hand, using the best of both worlds to your advantage.

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