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Opening a restaurant in the current climate is nothing short of a challenge. If you decide to open one of the national chains then you at least have a bit of brand awareness from the public however should you decide to open a new restaurant that is unknown then how the interior is designed can be key to its success or failure.

People typically want the restaurant they are going to have a sense of quality about it. They like to feel they are getting not only good food but good surroundings as well but what do you do if you have no experience in this area?

You could use a company such as interior architecture from Object Space who specialise in hospitality or you could even look at websites like Pinterest for inspiration which is what a lot of smaller cafes do when they open up.

The most important thing is that the type of design needs to match the type of food. If you go to a fast-food restaurant you will typically find the decor to be almost ‘kitchen’ like with background music and a cosey atmosphere. While if you go to a high-end restaurant you tend to find the decor is full of high-quality materials aimed at keeping you in the setting longer so that you decide to stay for dessert and spend more money on drinks!

The narrative can also play a key factor when it comes to your restaurant design. Perhaps you have decided to open an Italian restaurant due to family heritage or you are trying to re-create happy memories from your past when it came to holidays and food. These are important factors and so it’s important that the narrative, or the reason behind the restaurant being created and the type of food you are offering if followed through in the decor. It’s no good opening up a Chinese restaurant and having the place decked out with American theming such as pictures of New York or even large seating booths like you would typically get in an American diner.

Lighting is also important. People like to eat in soft lighting as it makes them feel cosey and relaxed compared to it being too dim for them to see their food or too bright that it can show up imperfections easily.

There are so many options available to you so just remember to take you time, take advice from interior experts who specialise in hospitality and your new restaurant is bound to be a success.

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