Is It Better To Lease New Cars Than To Buy Them?

Lease New Cars

There’s always a new challenge to be met in the car industry. Lately, it’s been going through quite a rigorous change in that, hybrid cars will become the norm. This type of car will become mass-produced and eclipse the number of diesel-only and petrol-only cars within the next decade. You’ll start to see more hybrids on the streets than any other type of automobile. Diesel is on its way out. Governments have realised the benefits of long mileage aren’t worth the pollutants diesel engines produce. With turbo technology better than ever, petrol engines with battery power units are the new standard. Which also means, the newest models will be expensive. So the new question is, is it better to lease or to buy a car outright?

No permanent obligation

A car isn’t just a wonderfully complex piece of engineering that gets you to where you want to go. It’s an asset. Assets depreciate and they become more difficult to sell as time wears on. It’s an attractive proposition to not be tied down by a purchased car. You have to worry about every little misstep which could accelerate the depreciation. You’re also obliged to consider the long-term plan. Situations change in our lifestyles, you may not be able to afford your current home which has a driveway. If you move out, will be able to park your car safely? On top of this, you need to maintain the car, make sure you’re paying for the tax stamp, the MOT and buying long-term insurance plans. When you’re leasing a car, you don’t necessarily have these obligations. 

At the forefront

Many drivers who choose to lease, do so for one reason only. They get to drive the latest and greatest cars every single year. They can leapfrog from one car to the next and experience cutting edge technology. If you own a car, there’s simply no way of doing this. It’s almost as if you choose to freeze yourself in a moment in time. You will be using and experiencing technology that is ageing. For some, it can feel as if they’re being left behind. If you were to lease a car, you would get to drive Vauxhall New Cars like the Grandland X Hybrid 4. One of the latest hybrid crossovers with a petrol/plugin electric power unit. It has 5-seats, automatic gearbox and a 1.6-litre engine. When in electric mode, there are two electric motors powering the car, making this all-wheel-drive car very responsive.

Resale isn’t an issue

Selling a car is a whole process, you can’t snap your fingers and get it done. So for those who don’t want to haggle and argue and go through the process of paying for advertising and then playing the waiting game for the right customer to show up, leasing is so much more stress-free. At the end of the lease, you just have to return the car to the dealer and you’re free to leave.

Leasing cars is great for those who constantly want to drive new cars. You have fewer financial obligations in the long-run and you don’t have to worry about resale and depreciation. 

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