How to improve your brand reputation

improve your brand reputation

When you run a business no matter what the size, your reputation is everything and being about to improve your brand reputation is everything. Times were when if you were going through some kind of conflict you would get dragged across the mud via the local newspaper.

Now with social media being the huge juggernaut that it is your reputation can end up being damaged on Twitter or Instagram before you even know about!

So what things can you do as a business to help keep things under control?

Keep monitoring your brand

The days of customers only coming to you when they have an issue are long in the past. They will now take to social media or use websites like TrustPilot to let others know how they have found experiencing with your company. A lot of companies now do what is called ‘Social Listening’ which is all about setting up filters on Tweetdeck for your company names and setting up Google Alerts to make sure an online newspaper isn’t covering a story all about you. This will all help stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your online reputation!

Keep being transparent

In some ways, nothing is more important when it comes to keeping your online reputation in check than transparency. Customers are smarter than ever and know where to go to find online reviews about companies such as yours. If you get neutral or negative feedback on TrustPilot then make sure to leave a reply that not only shows understanding of the customers’ concerns but shows you as being proactive in wanting to help them.

Harness Artificial Intelligence

For many technology companies, Artificial Intelligence has become a core technology to use when trying to improve the user experience. AT Automation can come in many forms, companies such as Amazon do it in a virtual way with how their storefront works and then there are the likes of Industrial Vision Systems who develop vision systems for manufacturing lines which help speed up both productivity and efficiency. It’s all about creating a system where robots / machines can predict what users will do next based on real world data. Using technology such as this you are able to foresee any issues that might crop up for your business.

Collect Feedback

Feedback is key to making sure your business is a success. For many people, they will only collect it at the end of a customers journey which opens themselves up to a whole raft of problems. It’s important that you check on the user experience from onboarding to closing off to make sure that everything is running as it should be. This isn’t just so that you can be sure a customer is happy and won’t start complaining online but so that you can see if there are any improvements that need to be made along the way. Sometimes when you are working on systems that your business uses it can be very easy to not view things objectively and the best feedback you can get is from your customers who are looking at how your business is running things from the outside!

If you follow the above 4 rules you will not only keep a handle but also improve your brands’ online reputation!

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