How to increase the value of your home before selling

Increase value of your home

When selling your home there are various things you can do to increase its value, so you receive the most money possible for it. Here are some improvements you can make that will encourage higher offers from potential buyers:

Built in storage

Nobody wants to live in a cluttered home or feel as though they may outgrow a home quickly. Investing in built in storage for your home can significantly increase its value as it offers buyers more room for their possessions and more flexibility for future life changes that may come their way whilst living there. Consider what will work best in your space, this could be anything from a large walk-in wardrobe to an under-the-stairs cupboard.

Kerb appeal

First impressions really do count when it comes to purchasing a home. Making improvements to the kerb appeal of your home can impact the number of people wanting to put in an offer. Be sure to tidy up the front garden, clean the windows and unblock any gutters so that viewers are met with the best possible version of your home from the get-go.


When you live somewhere for a long time it is easy to overlook paint chips or dull colours. Giving high-traffic areas of your home a refresh with a fresh coat of paint can increase its appeal. Make sure to opt for neutral colours that appeal to a wide variety of people.


As well as an interior refresh, attending to all the small repairs you’ve been putting off goes a long way when selling your home. Whether it’s a leaky tap or a squeaky door, fixing these things will ensure your home gives off a much better impression during viewings.

Room setups

Many of us switch things around in our homes to make it work for us. This could include converting a bedroom into an office or using a box room as a walk-in wardrobe. This is all well and good whilst you are living there, but when you are looking to sell it is worth reverting rooms back to bedrooms where possible. This will allow prospective viewers to really visualise how the home could work for them, plus there’s the added benefit that you’ll get slightly ahead with your packing.

Energy efficiency

With the current cost of living crisis, buyers are more conscious of a home’s energy efficiency than ever before. Do some due diligence on your home to check if it is as efficient as possible and consider making upgrades to your boiler and windows to add significant value to your home. This will also save you money whilst you still live there.

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