How to save money during the house buying process

House buying process

The house-buying process is always going to be costly, but there are various strategies you can use to save money along the way:

Keep your options open

Whilst you may have a strong idea of what it is that you’re looking for from a home, keeping your options open may save you considerable amounts of money. Whether it be extending your area range by 10 miles, or viewing newly built homes in your area, it is beneficial to keep an open mind.

Doing so may mean that you discover a home that really suits you, that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. It also means you are more likely to find better-priced homes as you aren’t restricting yourself to one area or style.


Putting an offer in on a home can be very intimidating, and this can often result in people offering the asking price straight away as they see this as the safest option. Although the current housing market is very competitive, it is still always worth trying to negotiate when you put in your offer. After all, it isn’t just price that matters to sellers, your position in a chain also has a big impact. Be sure to highlight other factors that make you a good buyer to sellers to increase your chances of securing a better price.

Compare house moving options

Once it comes to moving, be sure to compare different removal companies to find the cheapest price. Enquire about different days of the week for your move too as this can impact the price of the removal. If you don’t have much to move, consider whether it is cheaper to rent a van yourself.

Before you move, make sure to declutter rather than when you arrive at your new home. Doing this will save you money on the removal process as there will be fewer things to move.

When it comes to packing up your current home, ask on local Facebook groups if anyone has any spare moving boxes as people often sell these for a good price or will even be willing to give them away for free. It can also be worth asking local shops and cafes if they have spare boxes too.

Switch energy

Settling into a new home, it is natural to feel as though you have a million things to do but switching your energy provider should be at the top of your list if you are looking to save money. Switching your provider can make you considerable savings on your future energy bills.

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