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Home Improvement

Spending money to save money can sometimes feel counter-intuitive, however, there are plenty of areas within your home where investing money to make improvements will save you more money in the long run. Here are just some of the investments worth considering:

New heating system

With the energy costs rapidly increasing, and bills due to follow suit, it is worth upgrading your combi boiler to save both energy and money. Modern boilers are far more efficient at heating your home and therefore save you on your heating bills. Not only that, combi boilers typically deliver hot water quicker, meaning your water bills will also reduce in cost.


Many of us already try to limit the use of lighting at home, but whilst switching lights off when they aren’t needed is a good way to save money, you can also save when they are on too. Upgrading to more eco-friendly lighting, such as LED bulbs, can reduce your lighting costs by up to 90%.


Whether you plan on upgrading your boiler or not, it is crucial that your home can retain heat in order to save money. Insulation costs vary massively depending on the materials used, where you insulate, and whether you choose to do it yourself or use a professional. Do some research into insulation options to decide what is best for your home and budget.


As well as insulation, upgrading your windows can have a big impact on the amount of heat your home retains. If you don’t already have double-glazed windows, then consider the upgrade. If you already have double glazing, then explore draft proofing options to be sure your windows aren’t letting through any cold air. Taking these measures will save you on heating costs.


It is easy to overlook appliances when looking for ways to save money. Older appliances typically use more energy to run. Consider upgrading some of your oldest appliances for new ones with a better EPC rating to save yourself money in the long run. It may be that if your current appliances are still in good working condition that you can sell or donate them.


There are ways to save money at home that don’t just revolve around reducing your energy costs. Upgrading your home security system can positively impact your next home insurance quote. Insurers want to know that your home is protected, so investing in a quality smart security system is a good way to ensure this whilst also reducing your home insurance cost.

General maintenance

Finally, the most effective way to save money long term is to be attentive to general home maintenance. It can be very tempting to ignore small issues, whether that be a blocked gutter or a small leak. However, ignoring these issues can often lead to much larger, and more costly problems. Therefore, staying on top of home maintenance and investing in small improvements where necessary can save you considerable amounts long term.

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