How To Manage College Fees By Earning Decent Side Incomes?

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University life is tough. Managing the ever-piling tuition fees, lodging charges, and food expenses – it’s not easy. Having a part-time job help make financial management a bit easier. Most students utilize their time in-between classes to earn some quick extra cash. Here are some decent money-making options for college kids who want to make the ends meet.

Offline Opportunities 

There are several job opportunities both on campus grounds and outside that can get you a decent income. These odd jobs might not be a permanent solution but a lucrative source of side income that could sustain you through the university years. 

Work at the Public Library 

Check for job openings in the local public library or the one in your campus. Libraries usually have hourly positions available for young college students. All you have to do is make entries and shelf the books in the right aisles. What’s more, you’re surrounded by books, you can read in your free time and there’s practically no work as libraries are mostly empty apart from some peak hours – could things be any better!

Teach Other Kids 

Being nerdy can actually be profitable! Tutoring is actually a really smart job opportunity for college kids. It is a good way to improve your knowledge, get some experience and earn a good amount. Tutors don’t require any license or qualification. You can market your services around the campus, at local schools or even online. 

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Join a Nearby Starbucks (or a less swanky café)

Another smart earning option is picking shifts at the local coffee shop. We won’t get into the details of the job because that is something we’re all familiar with. What we want to focus on is the kind of establishment you join. A high-end restaurant in a fairly well-off locality comes with a higher tip income than a shabby café on a shabby street with minimum wage – you get the idea?

Run Errands 

Running errands and working as a delivery boy can help. If you don’t want to deliver stuff to people, then maybe you can drive them around? If you have a car, now’s the time to put it to good use. Cab companies like Uber are always on the lookout for young drivers. You just need a driving license, good driving skills, and a decent knowledge of the locality.  

Online Jobs 

It’s possible to find better-paying jobs online than off-campus. Several corporate companies and start-ups are looking for young interns who are willing to devote some time online in exchange for a decent pay. Here are some online options you can check out.

Become a Freelancer 

If you have a passion for website development, graphic designing (like the kind seen at Vinyline Graphics), animation or photography then freelancing might just be the perfect career for you. As a freelancer, you can earn a pretty good sum of money, provided you know how to market your services. In fact, many people have taken up freelancing full-time, and are earning a hell lot of money. No deadlines, a degree of creative freedom, and an independent workspace – what more do you need!  

Fill Out Survey Forms 

Filling out survey forms has to be the easiest, quickest, and most popular money-making hack on the internet. Big brands are desperate for info on the latest trends of the market, so much so, that they’re ready to pay you a good sum of money just to answer a few questions. All you have to do is sign up for survey forums and portals, fill in your location, gender and income (filter out the survey forms that are better suited to you). One caveat – there are too many unscrupulous paid survey websites that could dupe you of your money, data, and time. Look for reviews of survey websites before joining.  

Make DIY Tutorials 

DIY videos and tutorials are for people who have a creative streak. You don’t have to invest a lot of money – get a camera, get the stuff you need, and you can shoot a video in your dorm. Makeup tutorials, jewelry making, fashion advice, cooking videos – the possibilities are endless!  

Start a Blog 

Blogging is the best way to channelize out your creative energy about something you’re passionate about. It can be something as simple as random snippets from your day to serious articles on politics. With a blog, you get to express yourself and find like-minded people around the world. It is a brilliant way to start off conversations, build a reader base, and eventually monetize the content.

The Bottom Line 

Finding a good job – either online or offline – is not as complicated as it was five years back. There is no dearth of companies and web platforms out there. The trick is to know where to look. 

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