3 Things to look for when looking at in house legal jobs

in house legal jobs

Deciding to pursue a career in law is not something you would typically do overnight. Working in the law requires a lot of dedication both in the financial and commitment sense.

So after all those years what are the main 3 things you should be looking for when applying for in house legal jobs.


Starting anywhere new can be intimidating at the best of times. No matter how many interviews may have led up to starting that job you will have still only met a handful of staff so will have much to learn still about how things operate on your first few days. A support culture within a law firm can make such a huge difference to your experience. The staff that have walked the same path as yourself when entering the company and are supportive as you move forward can go on to become not only good friends but mentors as well within your profession.


Law is one of the highest-paid sectors out there. The amount of money that commercial law partners are paid can be inspiring when you are first starting out on your legal career path. London tends to be where the highest paying legal jobs are in the UK if only because it is the capital city but no matter which part of the country you decide to work in you should always find legal wor to be extremely well paid.


Once you have been working in law for a while you will soon find that it is a career where you are forever learning. Companies that make an investment in their staff by putting them through additional training and qualifications or even give them the chance to do secondments for 6 months in a different area of a law firm are ones you would want to work for.

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