Is investing in a website for a new business really the right move?

investing in a website

When you are starting a new business up there are always costs you didn’t think about. It could be insurance or something on the accounting side but mort often than not something will come out of the woodwork and demand your much-treasured money!

One often forgotten about aspect of setting up a new business that I see a lot when more traditional companies are set up is not creating a website.

If you decided to open a shop up it is very easy to be so focused on footfall that you can lose sight of the fact that you can actually sell your products to people around the world and they don’t even need to be walking on the same road as your shop. And why wouldn’t you want access to more customers? You wouldn’t want to just rely on one income stream for your business when there are multiple ones available to you that can really help get your new business off the ground!

So what is it that stops these companies from creating a website while they are setting up their business?

For some, it can just be the technical know-how. People can think that they need to be some kind of technical genius to create a website when actually that couldn’t be further from the truth. It doesn’t matter if you want to use something like WordPress to create a website or even pay a web design company such as Silky Ocean Studios who offer a set monthly rate to create your entire site for you. Even if you decide to do it all yourself the days of having to learn how to code HTML are far behind us and designing a site can be done as simply as dragging and dropping pictures around on the screen. This gives even the most tepid or business owner a feeling of control that they just wouldn’t have had years ago.

Cost can be another barrier but as I’ve mentioned above the cost of either setting up a website yourself or having one created have never been cheaper. I remember when I used for a web site design company in the early 2000s we were charging an insane amount of money to companies who where looking to have a website but the reality is that skills to work in web development were still quite niche and so the costs for using those people was a lot higher than it is now.

The final reason a lot of businesses don’t start a website is that they just don’t know where to turn. If you don’t get a ‘word of mouth’ recommendation it can be hard to know who to trust. As soon as you start looking online you can find a whole selection of web design companies who will create your site for a rock bottom price but the price isn’t everything. What if you want changes made, how much do they charge for that? Do they really understand the message of functionality you are trying to get across in this site? These are the sort of questions you need to be asking these companies if you do approach any of them as the answers will set the tone for the relationship you have with them while they build your site.

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