An ISA that truly is Safe as Houses

Safe as Houses ISA

Investing money is a tricky choice. You can never be sure whether you’re investing wisely, and what kind of return you can expect by putting your money into ISAs. If you’re looking for a good savings account, that will help you not only save money, but develop interest on it too, then you need to check out Safe as Houses ISA. Safe as Houses ISA Limited is a representative of Gallium Fund Solution Ltd – authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Safe as Houses Ltd has just launched its new product – part of the new generation of savings accounts which are known as innovative finance ISAs. The main idea behind this ISA is that it’s a savings account that works for the individual, and not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of ISA. It is a flexible and innovative savings account which will keep your money safe and guarantee a good return on your money.

The Safe as Houses ISA pays a fixed and tax-free return of 6% a year for the first five years. It is also 100% asset backed, with no platform or investment fees charged. You are able to transfer money over from existing ISAs, and can open up a savings account like this with a minimum investment of £5000. It is a five year fixed term, meaning you are guaranteed a 6% return in those years.

The company themselves are confident in the product, with the spokesperson commenting that the brains behind this idea are several people who have many years’ experience of the property sector between them, and a real passion for making a product which works for many people. The company voluntarily reinvest 80% of their profits, unlike the majority of financial companies. This means that they do not need to employ staff unnecessarily. They believe that in order to run a successful business, you need to keep things well-managed, low cost and simple and this is the ideas that helped them develop this ISA.

Safe as Houses really works for the people, and wants people to feel secure in investing their money. Part of how they do this involves ensuring that associated contractors work exclusively and on a fixed price contract for the duration of the project. This is to stop funds being used elsewhere to subsidise losses on other projects. They also require property developments to be up for sale within 3-12 months, designed to reduce the impact that fluctuations in the market have on your money. This means that you are more likely to see your money back, than companies where the properties may not sell for several years.

Another way that they ensure that the investors are looked after is by making sure that all properties are surveyed and valued by RICS qualified surveyors. The lending criteria requires that every property is purchased at a discount to the surveyors’ valuation, which will help to strengthen net worth and the ability to repay loans. All properties are purchased with cash, with stops middlemen getting involved and stops the use of resources which aren’t entirely necessary to the process.

The Safe as Houses ISA is a new and flexible way to invest your money in the property market, making sure you will be looked after and you’ll see a return. It really is ‘safe as houses’.

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