Don’t get stung by key cutting prices

key cutting prices

Getting replacement keys I find is something that only ever happens in 1 of 2 situations. Either you’ve had something built or extended that requires you to get some extra keys cut or some kind of issue has happened and it is forced upon you where you need to get replacements and it then that you realise the huge difference in key cutting prices keys depending on where you go..

It doesn’t matter if you need a replacement for your house key, garage door or car keys making sure you get a decent deal on your replacement keys is all important!

Making sure you don’t get stung by key cutting prices

I remember as a child at middle school my parents didn’t quite trust me enough to actually give me a key to the front door so instead we had this complex system where the front door key was hidden at the back of the shed in a very random box. I would have to lock up the house and go and put the key in the box before going to school and when I returned I had to go and get the key back again to get back into the house. I suppose in their eyes it was half way between having fully trusting me and wanting to give me a chance.

We recently got some very high end locks fitted to some French doors in our house after getting a new conservatory built at the end of last year and so needed a new set cutting and went to our local Timpson store as we would normally do to get the keys cut and were told that they couldn’t do them in store and that we needed to find somewhere with some special ‘key computer’ that can read the key correctly to get it cut to the specification needed. It was then that I realised that paying more for high spec locks to be fitted is obviously a good thing from a security point of view but means that you are going to need to spend more money when it comes to getting replacement keys no matter what the reason. To be honest this was a whole new world to me. I’ve had getting key cut ever since my parents trusted me at home with a set of front door keys but I’ve never come across any of this new key cutting technology which requires any of this before.

So off I went to go and find a more specialist key cutting place that offer to make these new amazing keys for me and after visiting a few more I finally found somewhere in Leeds that would do the necessary. To be honest I was almost the point of going back to the manufacturer of the locks and asking them for help in where unearth I needed to go to get these new keys cut.

I also then started to do some digging and found there were a whole host of online companies that offer key cutting remotely. Companies such as Timpson, Replacement Keys, FastKeys and LockandKey all offer a very quick and fast service that will get your replacement keys to you in no time however as I needed a company that would scan the key ‘in house’ I sadly wasn’t able to take advantage of any of these companies.

I suppose the moral of the story is that next time you decide to have a new door fitted make sure you speak to the people fitting it about where you can get the correct keys cut if needed as this will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

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