5 Easy ways to save money when buying clothes for your holiday

5 Easy ways to save money when buying clothes for your holiday

Summer is fast approaching at the moment and a lot of people will have already booked their Summer holidays long ago. A lot of people out there spend the weeks and months leading up to it planning for their perfect holiday which more often than not involves that they have saved as much spending money as they need.

With that in mind here are 5 top tips you can use to save money on buying clothes for your holiday.

Buy what clothes you can early

Buy your clothes in the sale at the start of the year. A lot of people will wait until closer to the time to purchase their outfits but a lot of the more general stuff such as underwear and socks could be bought when the January sales are on making it one less thing to worry nearer to your holiday.

Bulk buy where you can

When younger kids are on holiday they don’t massively tend to care what they are wearing as long as it is comfortable. So if you have a couple of kids and you find plain colour t-shirts are on offer at Tesco or Sainsbury’s then hoover up the deal. They may never wear them again but they will do the job on holiday should any damage come to them.

Don’t spend big on footwear

I love going to hot places on holiday. I enjoy nothing more than days in 30 odd degree heat but I don’t want to take my existing shoes or trainers and so always go to places like Sports Direct or Stand Out if I wish to shop online and buy hybrid trainer / sandals which only cost around £10 and are FAR more practical than buying a full pair of trainers which could set you back quite a lot!

Deals and Vouchers

Throughout the year you always get sent emails offering your discounts to make sure you always check your inbox before going out to purchase clothing for your holidays. A good example of this is the Marks and Sparks card which from time to time will offer you £5 off various clothing items which could really bring the items down. You could also plan very much ahead and use loyalty points like your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to purchase anything you need for your holiday.

Take clothes with you that are heading towards the end of their life

One way to save money instead of buying new items of clothing is to take some that might be heading to the end of their life. You can take them with you and if they get damaged or lost it doesn’t matter and you haven’t had to spend any extra money which you can then spend on enjoying your holiday.

So as you can see there are lots of ways to save money when it comes to buying clothes. It’s just a case of planning ahead and being savvy in any way you can.

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