Making sure you keep yourself grounded when choosing your wedding venue

choosing your wedding venue

When you decide to get married it can seem like so much attention goes on the little details and in fact whole arguments can be based around them on the run-up to the big day. Which type of cloth to use for the tables, what decorations do we around in the room, WHICH FONT SHALL WE USE FOR THE INVITES??!?!?

Anyway, you get the picture. It’s because of all these little things that you can end up getting distracted by things like if there will be space for a magic mirror photo booth and end up losing sight of one of the most important parts of the wedding, that being the venue you are going to hold it in.

Now for each marriage, the use of the venue can be different. For some, it will just be a place where you have the wedding breakfast and evening bash and for others, it will be a place where the ceremony takes place as well. It’s because of this that it is very important you make the decisions early on about how you want the place to go. The reason is that is when you go to look at venues you need to consider what they will be used for. It’s no good having a venue where they have an excellent room configuration for a meal but if you were to hold a ceremony in there it just wouldn’t work at all. Just remember that if you do decide to hold the ceremony away from a church or town hall you will need to pay extra to get the registrar to attend your function. This is certainly something that a lot of couples don’t remember to factor in and end up quite surprised by the cost!

Sometimes you can also feel overwhelmed by the sheer choice. No matter where you live if you are looking at wedding venues in HampshireBerkshire wedding venues or wedding venues in Surrey to everywhere in between it can feel like there is no limit to just how many places around you offer wedding packages.

You may find it easier to cut down the sheer number of options by giving yourself a budget at the start of this journey in terms of how much you are willing to spend. Location can also have a huge driving factor on the price as somewhere that is a quaint country facility is going to cost a lot more than using a city centre hotel function room. As always, never accept the first price offered to you from these venues when you are negotiating and always haggle for me. Be it extra food or a higher guest count, treat the price they initially give you as a starting block and work from there to find both a price level of commitment from them that you are happy with.

Another important aspect to consider which is connected with Location is to think about all the family and friends that will be coming to your special day. It’s no point having a wedding out in the middle of nowhere with barely any transport links or hotels nearby for your family to stay at so it’s important to consider the practicalities of a place for your guests and sadly this can sometimes mean letting your dream venue go in terms of then having a wedding with far more attendees.

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