Finding the right man with a van near me

man with a van near me

Moving house can be one of the biggest costs going when you decide to buy or rent a property and having to consider if you should just use a van hire service or one of the many removal companies out there can be quite tricky and it was something I pondered about a lot myself when we moved a few years ago and it came to finding the right man with a van near me.

Some typical questions that people ask themselves when trying to decide which way to go include:

How much is there to move?

Do I need an extra ‘human’ at either end to help?

Do I want to box everything myself or do I want them to do it as well?

There’s lot to consider when making the decision so I thought it would be good to look at comparing the two

Van Hire Advantages

One of the biggest advantages is that van hire offers natural coverage. Most rental companies have multiple depots all around the UK and so it doesn’t matter if you are moving from Cornwall to Glasgow, it can be accommodated!

You will also have far greater choice when it comes to the size of the vehicle. Van Hire companies typically offer a great variety of vehicle size which means no matter how much you want to move it can be dealt with in one trip.

Man with a Van Advantages

Money wise there doesn’t tend to be a huge deposit needed before the move as you would typically have if you were hiring a van or truck.

If you are moving locally there will be no vehicle to pickup or return by a certain date of time which certainly puts less pressure on the day.

You have no worries about potentially damaging the van which can be something a lot of people will think about if they haven’t driven a large vehicle before and there is also no fuel to pay either at the start of to buy before returning the rental van.

The other obvious key advantage is that you have the option of having someone help you in the form of ‘the man’ with more often than not the added option of paying for more additional help.

We’ve personally moved both cross country and locally many times of the years and have done a mixture of both. Sometimes we have used companies like The Man Van and McCarthy’s but also uses vans from Budget and Enterprise.

If you’re stuck trying to make a decision then it’s always worth looking on sites like Trust Pilot to look for companies that offer excellent customer service as the last thing you want on one of the most important days of the year is for something to go wrong and I always think you can only judge a company by how well they deal with things when they go wrong!

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