5 reasons why you learning to cook saves you money

learning to cook saves you money

Cooking is quite likely the most important skill that humanity has ever picked up. From making our food taste better to improving its nutritional value, cooking most likely paved the way for modern civilization.

However, with the pressures of modern life, many of us have simply forgotten how to cook. With busy schedules and demanding jobs, it’s simply easier to just dine outside. While eating out may be convenient, it’s also an extremely costly affair.

With this short guide we’ve put together, learn why home cooked meals are the way to go.

Cooking at home is easier on the wallet

One of the biggest benefits of eating a home-cooked meal is how much you stand to save. If you’re on a budget, you’ll find that cooking your own meals are a great way of stretching your budget. 

In the UK, where eating out typically costs about £15 per meal, you can see where the costs add up. Need more proof? Take a look at this study conducted by Forbes which revealed that on average, eating out is five times more expensive than eating at home.

On the other hand, with just £20 and some careful planning, you’ll be able to buy enough groceries to sustain four people for a week, from breakfast, to lunch and dinner.

The money you’ve saved from eating out, can then be used to supplement other household expenses or to be put aside for your savings. After all, why should you line someone else’s pockets when you can put aside the money for yourself?

Eating at home is healthier

Under the right circumstances, home-cooked meals will always be healthier. Popping a slow cooker roast beef in will be MILES healthier than going out for Sunday lunch. In the outside world, chefs and restaurant owners are primarily concerned with two things; cost and taste. Consequently, chances are good that the ingredients that go into your meal are less than healthy.

From excess amounts of sugar, salt and other seasonings to questionable hygiene standards, you are in fact at the mercy of the chef. Cooking at home allows you to know exactly what goes into every single meal.

On the long-term, you’ll find that a home-cooked meal is much more satisfying and healthier. As an added advantage, cooking at home reduces the likelihood of overeating. Thus, if you’re looking to lose a few pounds, learning a few new recipes won’t hurt. 

Also, by keeping yourself in good shape, you’ll be able to enjoy a healthier and longer life without having to worry about medical problems.

Home-cooked food tastes better

People often say that home-cooked meals taste better because of the love and care that goes into each meal. While you may be tempted to dismiss this idea as absurdity, a study conducted by the American Psychological Association says otherwise. Participants in the study reported that meals prepared by themselves often tasted better.

This could be due to the effort that one puts into preparing a nourishing and wholesome meal. Thus, when you sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labour, you’ll find that the food tastes just that much better.

Cooking can be a relaxing experience

Before anyone jumps down our throat, do hear us out. In the right environment, cooking can be a soothing and therapeutic experience. Cooking allows you to live in the moment as you go about preparing your meal.

In fact, cooking can be described as a form of meditation, with each step requiring your utmost attention. By focusing on a single task, you can clear your mind and allow yourself to decompress.

Cooking brings friends and family together

They say that the kitchen is the heart of any home, and we’re inclined to agree. From entertaining friends to hosting a get-together with family, nothing beats the warmth and intimacy of a home-cooked meal.

Instead of spending hundreds on a night out at a swish restaurant or bar and jostling for space, why not spend the night in? Invite your friends and family and dazzle them with your cooking skills. After that, sit back, relax and let the conversation flow.

Or why don’t host a barbecue outside, during the warm summer nights, maybe playing some friendly football or volleyball table games?

As you mature, you’ll start to find that nights in are that much more meaningful and a whole lot cheaper.

The next time you buy waffle mix take a look around that supermarket section and it may surprise you how many families you see there and that’s because doing something like baking can really bring the family together. 

Cooking is easily one of the easiest and most rewarding skills that anyone can pick up. With some hard-work and creativity, you’ll find that cooking is an investment that keeps on earning.

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