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find a side hustle

If you are keen to make more money, then one of the best options is always going to be setting up your own small business or potentially, a side hustle. By doing this, you can provide an extra cushion of cash for you that boosts your personal income and ensures that you can afford more of what you want. While you might think this sounds like taking on a second job, it is possible for side hustles to be easy, stress-free and fit into your personal time. Of course, before you can get started, you need to figure out which side hustle or small business idea is right for you. This is going to depend on your needs, your skills, and essentially what you want to achieve. So, let’s get started and find the right option.

Use A Mind Map

A business or side hustle is always going to start with a central idea. So, there’s no better way to plan it out and find the right option for you than with a mind map. Using a mind map, you can begin with what you want to achieve or a particular concept and then build out into different possible avenues for making profits. For instance, you might start with ‘online work’ if you are keen to operate online with your side hustle. You can then build out from here and explore some of the different options. You can even use mind maps to figure out how you are going to run your new business and the key considerations that must be in place.

For instance, you might need software, hardware, equipment or even staff. A mind map can help you plan all this out from the beginning and ensure that you are fully prepared for the challenges that could lie ahead.

Determine Your Monthly Or Annual Goal

Next, think about how much you want to make with your side hustle or small business. If you just want to add fifty pounds onto your typical weekly income, you might just want to think about filling out surveys online. Completing this job requires very little effort and that is roughly what you can expect to earn if you complete between ten and twenty surveys a day. Of course, if you are thinking bigger, then you need to consider something like blogging. Through blogging with more effort and a larger investment, it is theoretically possible to add thousands onto what you make every month. Success blogging will depend on whether you can find an audience and how well you can grow your presence online. Ideally, you should be able to also build off an existing presence.

Working From Home?

find a side hustle

You do need to think about whether you want to run your small business from home or perhaps need to. If you have family commitments this could be your only option. But, if you have more flexibility, there are multiple businesses that you can run outside of your home. Do you love gardening? If so, then you could set up a private gardening company, providing the solutions that busy homeowners need. If you do need to work from home, then you could consider tutoring. Here it is possible that parents will be willing to drop their children off at your property. You can then spend an hour or so every day on tutoring. If you are keen to make as much money as possible on this particular business idea, then it is worth working to gain a few additional qualifications. In doing so, you will become a far more attractive option for parents looking for the best possibility for their kids.


If you are keen to run your side hustle or small business online, then there are a few different possibilities to consider. We have already discussed one which is of course blogging and a smaller option that shouldn’t be ruled out is definitely going to be survey hunting. But, you can also think about ecommerce companies. Ecommerce is an umbrella term that does cover quite a lot. So, it’s certainly not a one size fits all scenario. But, the easiest way to approach this is to set up a wholesale website. By doing this, you invest in wholesale products and then sell them on for a little more than what they are worth providing you with an honest profit.

Alternatively, you can decide to import products in bulk from overseas. You can then again sell them on to customers who are eager to buy. A more complex option would be to create your own products from scratch. Whether this is the right move for you will largely depend on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into your new business.


Finally, this is another consideration that you need to think about. How much time do you have to spend and how much are you willing to use building up your business idea. Some businesses can be set up overnight and you will quickly be able to start making money. An example of this would be operating as a freelance specialist as there are now multiple platforms you can use ready to go. Others will take more time but the pay off could be greater. Be aware these often do come with a substantial level of risk. Ultimately, though it could be the difference between a business that adds to your income and one that could eventually surpass it.

We hope this helps you understand some of the things that you should consider and that it does allow you to find the right side hustle to boost your personal income. This is easier than you think and if you take the right step you’ll find that you’re making money in no time. After you have set up your business, do make sure that you are keeping a check on your spending. It’s important to keep your budget under control. Otherwise, you’ll soon discover that you lose a lot more than you make and you don’t want that.

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