MatchedBets Review 2019


Price :

Trial Account: £1 for 14 days of PREMIUM ACCESS to everything MatchedBets offers.

Monthly subscription : £14 / month. Access to over 50 bookmaker offers as well as specialist matched betting tools, daily reload offers to allow you to earn in excess of £500 per month.

Annual subscription: £99 per year

MatchedBets are one of the more recent matched betting sites to surface and have been creating a good impression across the matched betting community. With competitive pricing and a good deal of features, could MatchedBets be the site to challenge the big boys?

Who are MatchedBets?

MatchedBets was set up by owner, Dave Archer, who has an impressive portfolio in the betting industry. Dave started off by running a successful chain of bookmakers in the UK. After this he moved his focus online and started up the website which grew into one of the biggest affiliate sites of it’s time. There is certainly no lack of matched betting experience in the whole of the MatchedBets team with many of them having worked in the betting industry prior to MatchedBets and being keen matched bettors themselves.

MatchedBets launched in August 2016 and has quickly been making a strong impression due to the standard of their all-round service. They offer a number of matched betting tools which will undoubtedly help matched bettors of all standards and their customer service with the addition of a live chat feature is excellent. Their site boasts over 180 different free bets welcome offers from tier 1 sites like Betfair, Paddy Power and Bet365 to newer betting operators like Betstars(PokerStars new site), Sportnation and Sunbets.


If you are new to matched betting or want to try MatchedBets out first before committing, you can sign up for their free trial. No card is necessary and it is simply a way for you to test their service out and see if matched betting is for you. With the trial account you have access to 3 bookmaker offers to complete.  Full text and video guides are provided on how to complete these offers and they should make you a profit of around £50.

The text guides are well written and very easy to understand and the video guides will help users who are new to matched betting get to grips with things.

matched bets trial offers
MatchedBets – Some Trial Offers for you to choose

If you have any difficulty with the trial offers or have any questions regarding how to use the site, you can contact the MatchedBets support team via live chat to get an answer quickly.

After completing the trial offers, you should have a better understanding of how matched betting works and how to use the matched betting tools such as the odds matcher and the calculator provided by MatchedBets. You can then upgrade you account to premium where you will gain access to a range of other matched betting features to help you earn more profit on a continuous basis.

As a premium member of MatchedBets you have access to over 50 bookmakers offers which will make you around £1,000, risk-free as well as a number of tools which will help you earn a long-term profit with matched betting.

Odds Matcher

The odds matcher used at MatchedBets was built in-house and displays sporting events that have a good close match at the bookmaker and the betting exchange. One of the most impressive features of the odds matcher is that it updates in real time when odds change. This is a very impressive feature that eliminates the need to manually click the refresh button.

Clicking on an event opens up the calculator which will be automatically filled with details from the event. Again, saving effort and time for the user.

All the bookmakers listed in the odds matcher are UK-licenced and display matches from football, tennis, golf and horse racing.

matchedbets oddsmatcher
MatchedBets – The Odds Matcher Tool

Daily Offers Calendar

The daily offers calendar displays matched betting offers that can be completed each day. There are a number of new offers added continuously which means there is always a profit to be made somewhere.

The offers calendar shows offers for the whole week and users can click the ‘done’ button when the offer has been completed to hide the offer. All profit made from these offers will be automatically tracked to the user and profit totals updated.

MatchedBets offer calendar
MatchedBets – The Offer Calendar

As well as the daily offers calendar there are a number of casino and bingo offers to complete. Some of these offers are slightly higher risk but there are many that are no deposit bonuses which could provide a big win with no risk at all!


Accumulator offers are one of the most common types of bet offers these days and so using them for matched betting can be very profitable. Before AccaBackers and other ACCA tools were made, it was very time consuming to find good matches for accumulators. Thankfully, AccaBackers does all of this work for you and allows users to make more money from acca insurance offers.

There are 4 betting methods included in AccaBackers, Lay Sequentially, Lay with Lock in, No Lay and Lay at Start. The tool generates the best accumulators for each method and you simply have to place the bet.

Users have the option to swap matches and filter by sports, markets, acca type, exchanges, odds and more.

There are currently 14 acca insurance offers integrated into the AccaBacker tool and each accumulator that is displayed is put together using the specific T&C’s of each bookmaker offer.

Profit Tracking

All profit from each completed offer on MatchedBets is stored and updated in each users account. A total profit is then displayed on the dashboard when you log in so you can see how much you have made from matched betting.

When you place a bet you can track it by clicking the ‘track bet’ button. This will add the bet to your ‘open bets’ section.

When the event you have bet on has finished you can mark which team won and click the ‘done’ button. This will then update your total profit with your winnings from this bet.

MatchedBets profit tracker
MatchedBets – Profit Tracker

Customer Support

MatchedBets take a lot of pride in their customer support and it shows in the options they provide and the quality of their service. As well as email, forum and via social media, MatchedBets provide live chat support for all of their members. Matched betting can be confusing at times when first starting out and even experienced matched bettors have questions once in a while and so the ability to receive an answer to your questions within seconds is a very helpful feature.

MatchedBets provide an excellent all-round matched betting service for a very good price. They are adding new features all of the time and growing in popularity by the day. You can try MatchedBets out for free by visiting

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