Why design is key to your blog being a success

monogram maker

For a lot of people the design aspect of setting up a blog can be one of the biggest hurdles for them to overcome. You can be fantastic at writing content but if your website just ends up looking like a wall of text with little or no design it can be extremely hard for your readers to stay engaged.

Times were when you had to use some pretty complex vector graphic software to create a decent logo for your website but thanks to the Internet those days are long gone and with just a few minutes you can create some excellent art work for your website.

There are now a number of tools out there you can use so that even the least creative of us can give our websites some personality with little to no skill being required.


Canva is one of the most well-known websites out there when it comes to design and creativity for Luddites like me who have no artistic bones in their body. It offers a ‘drag and drop‘ layout where no matter if you are making a blog header, Instagram Image or something you want to use in your newsletter it can help you create something.

The site offers a whole range of stock images you can use, some of which are free and some require either a one time stand alone payment of $1 or you can sign up to a premium member which is around £10 a month and gives you access to over 400,000 images you can use when creating your images.

Monogram Maker

monogram maker

A monogram is a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphemes to form one symbol. They are ideal for creating logos for your website where you want to use initials but promote them in a more flamboyant way.

Finding a monogram maker online used to be tricky but there are now a good bunch available which again offer some very simple drag and drop mechanics as it takes you through 4 stages (Letters, Font Selection, Frame Selection, Background) so that anyone can create an image is just a few minutes.

Everything on the site is free to use and you can download your high quality image in exchange for just putting your email address into the site.


Pixabay is a website i’ve used to find images for a great number of years. It’s not a website you would use to create with as it is simply a resource of over 1million high res images that are FREE to use anywhere.

The site offers everything from Photos, Vectors, Illustrations and even Videos. You simply just type in the subject of the image you are after using and it will give you a whole host of results. You can then preview them and if you want to, choose to download the high res versions which you could then import into the likes of Canva and monogram maker to use with your designs.

These three options alone will be enough for most people when they are starting out on their blogging journey and if you ever decide to branch outside of your own designs there are services Looka which will use AI to help create your logo design for you so you never have to look too far online when it comes to giving yourself a bit of extra help in the design stakes!

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