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TMS Money Making Bootcamp – Make and save money with cashback on your purchases

TMS Money Making Bootcamp - Make and save money with cashback on your purchases


When it comes to earning money from cashback I’m a dab hand. I have got really good at remembering to click through from cashback websites and I have made around £2,000 now over the last few years. This is all money that has been made on top of purchases that I was going to be making anyway. Obviously this is a huge sum of money and when they pay via so many methods, including Amazon and Bank Transfer, it really makes all the difference.

Whether you are someone who already knows about cashback websites or not you need to get using them NOW! Think about it… It is money for old rope effectively. You are going to be using the website, to make your purchase, anyway so you might as well earn some money as well.

One of the big ways that I have made money in recent years is to use an energy comparison tool, or car insurance comparison tool, and then look on cashback websites. Often there are offers available for signing up to particular companies and as long as they are the best/cheapest quote for my needs I will take advantage of these cashback offers.

How a cashback website works is VERY simple. You sign up to website, for example TopCashBack or Quidco, and then you are a free member. You can search for the company that you want to earn cashback from. There will be a rate of cashback displayed and it will let you know if you have to purchase from a specific category on the website to qualify for the cashback. Often there will be varying rates of cashback depending on the items being purchased. Also, it will be made clear if you are able to use any discount codes or not. Each company has a different policy on this so be sure to check out the terms of any offer before you click through to earn cashback.

Once your purchase is complete your cashback should track within a matter of days. The transaction will typically track as pending, then moved to confirmed and eventually payable. After this you can cashout your money! Payments typically take just a couple of days to arrive. I find that the whole process, from placing your order to receiving your money, can take as little as 30 days or as long as 90 days. This doesn’t include any time required to raise a claim if your cashback does not track properly. The longest I have had an untracked claim take to process is around 180 days! Now this is a HUGE amount of time, however, the work involved was just a few minutes for me and I was making the purchase anyway. It was worth it to receive my money too.

As well as earning money on your purchase it is actually possible to get paid for completing offers too. On occasion there are great offers related to depositing on bingo sites, joining up to free websites and much more. It is a great idea to visit cash back websites, such as TopCashBack and Quidco, once a week to look for such offers.

It is always worth remembering that cashback is never guaranteed until you receive the money. I personally have had several claims denied over the years. Websites such as TopCashBack have fantastic customer support that is designed to help you get to the bottom of these denials. On occasion I have had the claim reinstated and received my money after all. I think the latest claim that I received was around £65, so it is always worth keeping a note of any clickthroughs.

Cashback is a brilliant way to make some extra money online for something that you would be buying anyway!

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