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TMS Money Making Bootcamp – Get paid to complete offers online

TMS Money Making Bootcamp - Get paid to complete offers online 2


Over the years I have tried my hand to almost anything on the internet. If there is a legal way that you can make money online then I am sure to have given it a try at one point. In the past I have been working for extremely low amounts of money. I gradually learned to filter through the rubbish and find some of the better paying work. After that I worked on being faster, and better, and earning more money month on month for several years now. I now earn many times more than I did when I first started out but I have still stayed loyal to some of the websites that I used when I was first starting out. Money is money after all and as long as you pick and choose your work it is great to have a variety of options when it comes to online moneymaking.

Sometimes there are times that I just cannot be bothered to put a lot of effort in. I might not want to sit for hours writing blog posts, or scheduling social media. At times like this I enjoy websites where I can get paid to complete offers online.

What type of work is on offer?

Well the sky is the limit really. In the past I have earned money for classifying google rankings, typing information from receipts and menus, emailing people, collating data, signing up to newsletters, downloading mobile games and much more. As long as it is legal I am always willing to give something a go to earn some extra money – I do have holidays to pay for after all!

Where can I find this work?

There are a whole variety of websites where you can get paid to complete offers online.

Clixsense – There are usually a wide variety of offers on here. You can get paid to sign up to websites, complete paid tasks, take surveys and much more. There are multiple different companies that have their tasking channels on Clixsense so you can see opportunities from a variety of companies.
Swagbucks – This is the same as Clixsense, but typically with a wider variety of jobs. You could get paid to download a mobile game, and play to a certain level. You could even earn money just for searching the web as normal. This is a great way to build up a few pounds throughout the month. They also offer daily and monthly goals to help motivate you and ensure that you are earning yourself, and them, as much money as possible.

TopCashBack – If you see an offer, such as deposit £10 and get £30 on a bingo site, listed on Clixsense or Swagbucks the chances are you’ll find it on TopCashBack. The benefit of this is that often the fee is higher AND you can get the money direct to your bank account.

Quidco – The same applies as above. When checking TopCashBack always be sure to check Quidco as well. Sometimes the fees vary between the two websites so spending a few more seconds checking could help you make a great amount of money.

WhatUsersDo – This one is a little bit different. Instead of completing specific offers you are being paid to test mobile websites and applications. You use screen recording software to allow the customer to see what you were seeing when viewing their website. You then speak your thoughts and can earn around £8 per test. This is a great rate of money as quite often these jobs take 20 minutes, or even less. I find website testing quite fun as you can browse, and pretend you are a genuine customer. Also, you are earning money while helping a website to improve in the future so that they can earn more custom which is always nice.

There are a wide variety of websites that will allow you to get paid to complete offers online. It is always worth looking around if you have seen a fantastic paying opportunity. Sometimes other companies will have a special deal and be able to offer you more commission. Spend a couple of minutes a day looking for great offers and you might be surprised what you find.

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