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TMS Money Making Bootcamp – Improve the web and your wallet with paid web search evaluation work

TMS Money Making Bootcamp - Improve the web and your wallet with paid web search evaluation work

paid web search evaluation work from Leapforce

Online jobs where you get paid a decent hourly wage are few and far between it seems. Fortunately there are some online jobs available where ANYONE can apply. If you are someone who wants to be able to log on your computer, at any time, and hopefully start work then I have got just the thing for you! You can improve the web and boost your income with paid web search evaluation work from Leapforce.

Leapforce is a company that will pay you, above the minimum wage, to complete paid web search evaluation tasks. Basically you log on to their system and then you are informed how long a task with take, for example 15 minutes, and then you will be paid based on the set hourly rate that they will advise you off if you are successful.

Applying for Leapforce is a little big long winded, however, it is one of the best ways that you can make guaranteed money online. To sign up to Leapforce you are required to have a laptop, or computer, that can run a web browser. You must also have a fast internet connection. In addition to this you are required to have great analytic skills and be an excellent researcher. You must be able to communicate well and understand written instructions too. Also, there is additional work available if you are able to speak a foreign language, so this is something to explore too if you are bilingual.

Once you have applied to work for Leapforce you will need to pass an exam. This exam involves three stages. Your knowledge, of the provided literature, will be tested and you will be required to prove that you are going to be able to complete the work effectively and accurately. In total it is around 10 hours worth of work, to complete the exam, and then you will hear if you have been accepted within 14 days.

Because you are self-employed when working for Leapforce, and work as an independent contractor, you will need to pay your own tax and national insurance. You can read this great guide that covers everything you need to know about being self-employed.

Working with Leapforce is flexible. You can pick and choose when you work and you will be aware of the money that you are earning too. The work can come and go so while you can’t guarantee a set amount of money at least you know that the hourly rate is great when you are completing work. This is a fantastic job in terms of flexibility and ideal if you are trying to fit your online work in around your family.

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