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TMS Money Making Bootcamp – Mystery shopping from the comfort of your own home

TMS Money Making Bootcamp - Mystery shopping from the comfort of your own home


Do you like the idea of mystery shopping? Perhaps you like the idea of mystery shopping from the comfort of your own home – I know I do! For the past year I have been able to complete mystery shopping while sitting in my PJs in front of my lovely MacBook. I have been completing a number of online jobs, from paid website testing to paid online mystery shopping.

When it comes to online mystery shopping for me the best website has to be eDigital Mystery shopping. This is an online mystery shopping website, that is free to join, and they have work throughout the year.

The work is typically quite easy and consists of browsing websites and providing your opinion. You may be asked a wide range of different questions or you may just be asked to email a company and await their reply. The questions can be indepth, at times, but they are thoroughly and typically the fee for each job is based on the amount of work that is required. For example if you have to send an email, and copy in the reply, you will get a small fee. If you have to test an entire website and do a dummy transaction then you will be paid between 5 and 8 times more than the email task. I like websites where the work is graded based on the work involved as it means there is usually a wide variety of work available and they are realistic about what the work entails.

When it comes to applying for work this is pretty simple. Visit the site regularly and check for invites. If there is an invite available then you click to apply for the work and you will receive an email if the work is allocated to you. The invites will show you the fee and the company that the work is required for. Also it will let you know if this is a simple job, an email one, or a more in depth job. This means that you can check what type of jobs you are applying for rather than just having them automatically assigned to you. Once you are assigned a job you will usually have at least 5 days to complete it. As most jobs take around 15 minutes to complete, for me at least, this isn’t a problem at all.

Personally I have received a wide variety of work across the year. There have been a couple of months where there has only been a small amount of work and one month where I did not have time to complete ANY work. Despite this I have made almost £500 in just 6 months. On most of these months there was additional work available but I was not able to complete it in time so the work was returned back into the job pool.

Online mystery shopping is surprisingly fun and on occasion there are additional fees on offer for you to make a purchase. This may require you to make and keep a purchase or maybe make and return a purchase. For these jobs you will receive a significantly larger fee and there are often multiple jobs that can be completed. I have completed a few of these jobs myself and I was able to arrange of all my returns to be collected on a day when I was already going to be home.

If you are looking for more traditional mystery shopping then be sure to check out Marketforce. Our very own Jon was featured in The Sun recently talking about all the good things that mystery shopping, and other online moneymaking, have afforded his family.

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