Need Servicing? Frugal Guide to Saving Money on Motorcycle Repairs

Need Servicing? Frugal Guide to Saving Money on Motorcycle Repairs

Owning a motorcycle can be a good way to save money when compared to owning a car.  But motorcycle repairs can still be expensive. The good news is that there are a few tips you can apply to start saving money on these repairs. From the basic do-it-yourself approach to good maintenance, there are paths you can take in order to start saving money.

When it comes to general maintenance, there are many tips you can apply in your own home. Provided that you have the right tools and the maintenance manual of your motorcycle, there are some tips you can apply right now.

Check the drive belt

One of the most important maintenance tips you can apply at home is checking your drive belt. This can save you money as you can avoid costly problems in the future. To inspect the belt yourself, you can rotate the rear wheel which allows you to check the inside and the outside of the belt. You will look for nicks, tears or holes. The pulleys can also be checked at this stage. Using a flashlight, you can check that the pulleys are free from issues such as uneven teeth. You can also check the tension of the belt. This is different from bike to bike and you need to see the tension which is recommended by the manufacturer. The deflection under a certain amount of weight is always indicated in the user’s manual.

Tyre pressure

Checking the tyres is among the top priorities when it comes to making savings. If you want your bike maintenance cost to be as low as possible, you will need to ensure the tyres are in great working condition. It is recommended to check the pressure of the tyres when they are cold before you start riding the motorcycle. You should also look for the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to the right pressure. If you are losing more than 5% of the pressure each week, it might be time to check for air leaks.

Check the oil level

Quality oil ensures engine longevity. Checking the oil level should be done as often as possible. It allows you to keep an eye on your motorcycle’s performance in time. The best part is that this can be done at home. This step can be taken using a dipstick or checking the levels through the glass panel at the side of the engine. Your oil level should always be next to the highest mark. Adding more oil is not recommended beyond this point.

Need Servicing? Frugal Guide to Saving Money on Motorcycle Repairs

Spark plugs

One of the parts which often need replacing and attention comes with the spark plugs maintenance. In time, the spark plugs get corroded or they simply wear out. It is easy to check your spark plugs. But in order to do this, you will need to let the motor cool. Orange sparks are a good sign as they mean your motor is in good working order. Black sparks can be an indication of multiple problems such as fuel mixture. When replacing the plugs you can place the new ones into position yourself without the need to pay a mechanic.

Check the brakes

The brakes always need to be in good working condition. While you may not be able to change the brake pads at home, you will still be able to check the amount of wear which is left in them. At this stage, you can also check the brake fluid level which should always be between the indicated marks. Brake fluid can be changed every year if you want to ensure the best performance. The type of brake fluid you need is indicated in the owner’s manual, as well as the type of oil which your motorcycle needs. When purchasing your own parts and fluids, you can look for any Demon Tweeks deals to get the best deals and save more money on your repairs.

Most of these maintenance tips can be applied at home without the need for a mechanic. If you don’t have the right space to work on your bike, you can even consider self-service repair workshops which offer you space and the tools you need, without having to pay for expensive repairs. Saving money with individual workstations is thus possible. There are different checks which you can make in these workshops or even at home. For more complex motorcycle repairs, you will need the help of a mechanic.  

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