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The database field is an area that keeps growing each day. More skilled professionals are required to carry out tasks such as database administration and database development. If you wish to be one of these experts working daily to provide database-related solutions, then passing the Oracle Home Link Here exam (Oracle Database 12c SQL Fundamentals)and getting certified is what you need. 

This post will help you understand how this test can help you become a database professional and what preparation materials to choose to get adequately ready.

About Exam 1Z0-061

The Oracle exam 1Z0-061 gives you an opportunity to earn any one of the following associate-level certifications:

  • Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified 
  • Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified 
  • Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified 

Note, that this test is only the first step on the way of being Oracle certified, as for instance, to earn the Oracle Database 12c Administrator credential, you need to take one more exam 1Z0-062 by code. 

Diving deep into 1Z0-061 exam details, the test contains 75 multiple choice questions taking candidates 120 minutes to answer. The passing score for exam 1Z0-061 is 65%, while the cost for taking it is $125.

You should know that within some time this exam is going to be retired, and instead, you’ll need to pass 1Z0-071 test.

5 Reasons to Sit for Exam 1Z0-061?

Passing the Oracle 1Z0-061 exam brings various benefits to you and your career as a professional. Here are the most essential ones:

This exam helps you become certified

Getting good marks in exam 1Z0-061 helps you become Oracle certified, as it’s the first step on this way. You are not allowed to sit for the second test without having passed this one. The credential from Oracle will open great career opportunities since it’s a validation of your competence to work with Oracle Database 12c by the vendor itself. In addition, the badge you earn is an essential mark on your CV list for your potential employers.

You gain database skills

Skills that help you become an efficient database administrator or developer are gained through preparation for the exam. You’ll be able to get the required skills and knowledge as you go through the exam’s outlined topics. Ensure you’re alert and committed as you study to gain such skills.

Job opportunities are increased

For anyone seeking a new job or promotion, exam 1Z0-061 can be the game-changer. Taking this test ensures you never lack a job since the skills you obtain through it are marketable. This Oracle exam helps you gain competitive skills that make organizations employ you and not to want let you go. Jobs positions to get include database administrator, database manager, and database developer.

Passing exam signifies career growth

There’s a difference between an individual who has passed an exam and one who hasn’t. The former usually gain skills as they prepare for the test. Taking and passing the Oracle 1Z0-061 exam is a step forward. It shows you’re a purposeful and career-oriented employee and are growing in your database career. Sitting for the test means that you gain skills that will catapult your career as it makes you a most-sought-after database specialist. 

Enhanced pay

Your skills will be well compensated if they fit what employers all over the world are seeking. Individuals with database-related skills are always on top of their game and they’re known to deliver quality solutions. This means you’ll qualify for a good compensation package commensurate with your advanced skills. As per Payscale’s salary report, a database specialist can earn an average annual salary of $93k.

How Does Exam 1Z0-061 Help You Become a Database Expert?

Expert database skills are obtained through 1Z0-061 exam study and hands-on practice. There are various topics to study, which will help you master the requirements of this IT area, and referring to 1Z0-061 test, they are the following: 

  • Data restricting and sorting
  • Utilizing conversion functions as well as conditional expressions
  • How to use joins for data displaying coming from a range oftables.
  • Usage of SQL SELECT statement in retrieving data
  • Utilizing single-row functions in output customization
  • Making use of group functions to report aggregated data
  • Solving queries using subqueries
  • Studying a language of data definition

How Can Exam Dumps Help You Pass Exam 1Z0-061?

Doing practice should be part of your exam preparation. The most effective option is to use exam dumps. Using these files, you will know more about the topics, the nature of exam questions to expect in 1Z0-061, and how to answer them. The dumps include questions as well as answers that help you know if you’ve grasped the content you’ve been revising. 

One of the best exam practice materials to use for 1Z0-061 are available through website. Their free exam dumps have been uploaded by the recent exam-takers while the Premium files are also tested and verified by IT experts. 

Then, when you find it a suitable method of preparation you can hone your skills by buying a premium bundle that contains the verified file with practice questions and answers, a training course and a study guide. However, both free and paid dumps can be opened in a special ETE Exam Simulator to dive you into the exam environment, and help you get used to its structure and types of questions.

Moreover, you may use the dumps for 1Z0-061 test as many times as you wish, see your results and improve them. Thus, maximizing on your preparation will bring you the result you are aiming at.


Becoming an expert in your area of study requires you be attentive to what you’re studying. Gaining database expert skills doesn’t happen by chance. Ensure to use the right techniques to study through the 1Z0-061 exam content and master all that’s required. The methods that include training, hands-on practice, and using exam dumps are important. They’ll all contribute towards success in your Oracle exam. Through them, you’ll gain relevant skills to help you become an efficient professional in your area of specialization.

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