Protecting your car tyres and saving you money

Protecting your car tyres

There’s no doubt that beyond buying a house the vehicle we drive can be one of the most costly items we own. Sadly the spending doesn’t even end when you actually purchase the thing! From car insurance through to window cleaner fluid it can sometimes feel like they are never ending cashcow.

Over the years I’ve bought everything from a 2nd hand car through to doing a PCP lease deal and while there is no doubt that the maintenance costs of the latter are much smaller there are still some costs that can’t be avoided.

The likes of needing new brake pads or lights are just part and parcel of owning a vehicle that you don’t leave sat on your driveway for most of the year. For the latter when I’ve noticed a brake light has gone out I’ve actually started just going to my local Halfords as the bulbs there cost a few quid and they will fit them then and there, but what do you do for the more complex car fixes that you can’t sort out yourself?

Wintertime can be especially nasty when driving due to the sheer amount of potholes around the UK. Where I drive in Leeds is especially bad for them and all it can take is one especially nasty one and you can end up really damaging the tyres on your car and the first time you may notice that is when you are midway through a journey and your car dashboard is warning you about a lack of pressure in your tyres!

But when that happens what is your best course of action? For some, it can simply be to head down to their local Kwik Fit and get the damaged replaced as cheaply as possible. While for others they have a tried and tested local garage however even those seem to differ in quality based on who you are dealing with. For example, Iverson Tyres in London provides its customers with the best Car tyres however there are other garages I’ve been to which have been great one time and next time you go the establishment has changed hand and you get a completely different level of service.

Some people will go ‘cheap’ on the tyres just to keep the cost down but does that really pay off in the long run? With companies like Costco offering 4 new tyres including fitting for under £200 (obviously depending on the size of car you have) there’s no doubt that there are ways to keep your tyres in check without breaking the bank.

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