Understanding Horse Insurance

Understanding Horse Insurance

As many of you will understand, owning a horse brings immeasurable pleasure and satisfaction. It isn’t just the moments of exhilaration, the bond or the freedom you feel from riding. Reward come too from the hard work that is involved, horses are an extension of yourself and your family. Little wonder then that we do all we can to look after our horses and this includes insuring them. It is with this in mind that here we take a look at horse insurance in a bid to help you understand it more fully.

The Devil’s in the Detail

It may seem obvious but checking exactly what is covered in your equestrian insurance is vital and surprisingly it is often overlooked or only given lip service. Sure, it may be the case that you don’t want a fully comprehensive policy, but knowing the nuts and bolts of the cover is worth investing time in.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is something that most owners want and so check that it is included and what it covers. Consider things such as:

  • Injury to members of the public
  • Damage to vehicles
  • Accidents caused by an escaped horse
  • Injury to other horses

Having peace of mind and confidence makes for more pleasure and less stress and so exploring public liability insurance is well worth it.

Veterinary Fees and Expenses

Whilst you will almost certainly want to make sure your horse is covered when it comes to veterinary fees, there are some other factors to be mindful of. Find out whether there is a time limit, some policies include a clause that removes the obligation to pay the fees after one or two years per incident. Also it is useful to know if travel and livery costs are covered or if you have to pay separately for these when your animal visits the veterinary hospital.  

Horse Theft

It goes without saying that if your horse is stolen, no amount of money will make up for the loss, but replacing the animal, should you wish to do so, could be expensive and so insurance cover for this unlikely event is worth considering. In doing so you may want to ask how the insurer values animals – by age, pedigree or by other means?

Look Out for Deals

There are deals out there to be had, so make sure you do your homework in order to avoid paying over the odds. Membership cards like the One Club offered by equestrian supplier Harry Hall entitle the holder to discounts on goods and insurance, so take a look and do the sums. 

Also, if you keep your horse at home, check what is covered by your home insurance – things such as tack and rugs may well be and so don’t make the mistake of paying twice.

Like many other types of insurance, equestrian insurance is quite the competitive market and the policies can be relatively complex. Taking the time to review them in detail and ask the right questions means you are more likely to get the best cover protection for your animal.  

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