How to save money on your hair care

How to save money on your hair care

Today we have a guest post by Hannah Brice of which tells us about the many ways we can save money when it comes to hair care.

If you’re on a mission to cut your spending, you’ll be surprised to know that one of the easiest ways to do it is via your hair. That mop on your head is actually costing you quite a bit of money each month once you factor in the appointments to the hairdressers and all the products you use to keep it clean, smooth, volumised and held in place.

So here’s 7 simple tips for slashing your haircare costs whilst maintaining your ‘do’

1.       Sign up for beauty school

If you’re not loyal to a particular hair salon and fancy being brave, look up your local  beauty school and register your name as a model for trainees who need to practice colouring or restyling. You’ll get a new look and it will cost you pennies!

2.      Go for Groupon

If you’re not brave enough to have someone unqualified touching your tresses, then the next best option for a super cheap hair cut is to try Groupon. If you’re willing to be patient, there are some great deals to be had and you may discover a great new local salon in the process.  

3.      Cut out the extras at your hair salon

If you cannot bear to part with your hairdresser because going anywhere else would feel like CHEATING, then there are still ways to cut the cost per visit.

Skip the conditioning treatment – you can get sachets of similar stuff at Boots – and opt out of the blow dry. Just ask for a rough dry instead. You have freshly cut hair so styling it yourself at home will be easy.

4.      Pay the lowest price for your products

Next time your shampoo or conditioner run out, don’t just run to the first shop you see to replace them. Instead, go online and compare prices. You could save yourself a few quid on each item which over the course of a year will really add up to some big savings.

5.      Use a little less product from now on

It sounds so simple but if you use the recommended amount of product on your hair, you could make the bottle last a lot longer. A good guide is to measure out a 10p piece size of shampoo or conditioner but I’m sure we’re guilty of using a lot more.

6.      Buy in bulk

The unit price (or in this case, price per millilitre) of hair products is lower if you buy in bulk, so if you can, buy bigger bottles next time you run out. Or in cash & carry or wholesalers, you can buy a multipack of shampoos and conditioners which also works out cheaper.

If you have a problem finding the extra money to splash out on multipacks or larger bottles, find a friend or relative who also uses the product and then go halves.

7.       Go free

There’s no better way of cutting down what you pay for your hair care products than not paying anything! Free samples of shampoo and conditioner can be a godsend for overnight trips or holidays so don’t throw them away.

Another way of getting your hands on them is to sign up to freebie sites such as and . They always have a load of free samples available so you can stock up for a while!

The same applies for your toiletries and beauty products and for more information on how to save on those and a whole lot more, you can find a guide here.

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