How to Sell Property in South London

How to Sell Property in South London

London property prices are constantly in the news for being overly excessive, with the capital’s property market having risen by 60% since 2008. This can make it appealing for those who own property in London to sell up and make a large profit, though on the other hand the massive prices may put off a lot of buyers.

Part of the reason for such high prices seems to be the ongoing demand. Still, if you’re looking to sell a property in south London in the near future, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure it runs smoothly and successfully.     

Highlight the Area Benefits

South of the River Thames is regularly thought of as containing some of the more picturesque areas of the capital. From the parklands of Crystal Palace to the more cultural vibes of Deptford, whichever area you live in, it will have its perks for all sorts of buyers. Six of the top ten areas to live in London are south of the river.   

Wherever your property is situated, this being London there will be countless highlights to point out. Local schools, libraries and shops, to parks, restaurants and venues will all help sell it. Even in quieter areas, simply point out the great public transport links to quickly get to more vibrant places.

Use Knowledgeable Estate Agents

Using a local estate agent or a national one that has a good knowledge of the area, such as Featherstone Leigh for south London, will help you make a sale quickly and efficiently. They should know what to point out to potential buyers about the property and its location.

While it may be tempting to cut out as many fees as possible by trying to put the sale through yourself, using an estate agent provides added exposure. Getting the property in local estate agent windows should ensure that the right people, those looking around the area, see it.   

Make the Most of Cheap Tricks

There are many cheap tricks that estate agents say work for selling a property. Aside from the obvious of cleaning your property and making it presentable, some of these will definitely be effective in south London, like parking an expensive car on the drive.

Buying fresh flowers or baking bread provides a nice scent throughout the property that will heighten potential buyers’ senses. While taking down personal items creates a new feeling and that of it being more like a showroom, ready to move in.  


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