Simple ways to cut the costs of moving house

Simple ways to cut the costs of moving house

Buying a house is an incredibly stressful experience and the aftermath can be equally difficult. From the sorting through, clearing, and then saying-goodbye to the old home and the memories, to the heavy lifting and immediate mess of a new abode. And on top of all that, there’s the cost. With our help, you should be able to keep these minimal.

Give your house a clear out

Many of us are hoarders – guilty of storing enormous amounts of junk that have been collecting dust for the last ten years. Fortunately, moving to a new house provides a fantastic opportunity to get rid of much of this stuff. If you are a severe offender then it’s best to start early, and you can even make a bit of money if you can re-sell. Even if it goes in the skip, what’s less in the house is less for the removal and transit firms to charge you for.

Arrange to move at the quieter times

Removal and transit firms that help you move from house to house are at their busiest at the end of the week, the end of the month, bank holidays, and when the kids are off school (especially over the summer holidays). If you consciously choose a slot outside of these peak times, you may be quoted a lower price.

Abandon ‘traditional’ transit packaging methods

Two things tend to come to mind whenever someone proposes moving to a new house and those are ‘cardboard’ and ‘polythene’. But in reality, both of these substances are sub-par. Not only because they are bad for the environment, but because they often fail to prevent damage to your household items. Sensible alternatives include specially crafted, eco-friendly packaging bags. A mattress cover for moving your mattress from places old to new will not only be easier to carry, but will virtually immunise it from damage, thanks to the cover’s protective packaging ‘shield’. This is a simple way to cut down on transport packaging costs.

Packing the items yourself can significantly reduce costs, but be warned: some removal/transit firms will only insure goods if they package them themselves.

Check if you are eligible for a grant

It may be that you can apply for a grant to improve your home’s energy efficiency, which may cover the costs of insulation/the fitting of a new boiler, or help with the installation of new windows and doors. Check here to see if you are eligible for a government grant for your new home.

Use the company you keep, not the company that keeps prices high

Your friends and family can be valuable assets when it comes to moving house, just be warned that any assistance should be reciprocal – expect the phone to ring and ask the same of you one day. The benefits are obvious, as removal firm charges are a huge cost in moving house, but remember to judge and balance this with the professionalism that removal firms also bring. Friends are often busy with other factors in their lives, may break things (that then won’t be insured), and the process may be significantly more time-consuming and stressful than just forking out for the specialists.

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