Snoop App Review – Helping you save up to £1500 on your household costs!

Being in control of your finances is often easier said than done. One of the biggest problems that most of us face is that we have accounts with lots of different companies and payments that leave our banks at random times throughout the month. It can be overwhelming to calculate exactly how much money we have, what we’re spending on bills, whether we’re over-paying for a service, and how to improve things going forward.

Thankfully, there is now an easy-to-use solution to this problem in the form of an app called Snoop.

What is Snoop?

What is snoop app

Snoop is a free-to-use app that works to help you monitor your finances. Its main aim is to work around the clock in the background, making sure you’re always in complete control of your incomings and outgoings. Knowledge is power when it comes to this kind of stuff and Snoop provides you with all the information you need to make the right choices.

The company is founded and run by former Virgin Money boss Jayne-Anne Gadhia and according to its estimates, it could save the average household up to £1,500 per year.

What are the benefits of using Snoop?

snoop app bill spending

Snoop has a large range of features that are perfect for anyone who wants to be in full control of their finances. Firstly, you’re able to connect all your bank accounts and credit cards into the app. This will then allow you to view the balances and transactions of every account through the Snoop app at any time. Knowing how much money you have available to you and how much you owe is the first step to improving your financial situation. If you have a lot of different accounts, then this is also a great way to save time on having to log in to each individual account to check balances.

Not only that, but Snoop can also monitor your transactions to see if you’re needlessly overspending in certain areas. For example, if Snoop sees that you’re spending a lot on your bills then it will let you know that there are cheaper options available. This is the perfect way to save money because you’ll always be in the loop about whether you’re getting the best deal possible.

One of the biggest ways that people overspend is that they don’t realise they can get the same purchases elsewhere for cheaper. Thankfully, Snoop can also take care of this by monitoring the kind of purchases that you make. If you’ve recently bought some clothes from Superdry, for example, Snoop might give you an update about how much you’ve spent and how you could save money by making future purchases at their low-cost outlet shop. Similarly, Snoop will lookout for opportunities to save money on your purchases by finding relevant Quidco or VoucherCodes offers.

Snoop is constantly being updated with useful features that make sure you’re always getting the most for your money. You’re able to receive daily spend updates, check whether you’re wasting money on a subpar phone deal, earning the most reward miles possible, paying too much to your energy supplier, and overpaying on subscriptions. You can also be notified when it’s time to shop around for a new insurance provider and be sent weekly and monthly spending summaries to see if your actions are leading to improvements.

What features will be available on Snoop in the future?

As mentioned above, Snoop is being constantly updated with features that will make your financial life easier. The team are currently committed to rolling out a number of updates including a payday predictor that estimates your future balances, bill notifications, reminders about your mortgage payments, a credit card checker to ensure you’re not overpaying on interest or fees, a savings checker to make sure you’re getting the best rate, a TV and broadband deal checker, and budgeting tools. 

Is Snoop safe to use?

snoop app open banking


Snoop connects to your accounts through Open Banking. This means that it can view your balances and transactions but does not have access to your accounts. The app uses the same security systems as your bank and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. In fact, this is the same technology you see used to similar apps like Curve, Revolut and Chip.

You may be wondering why Snoop is free-to-use. The team behind the app are clear that it is free because they have other ways of generating money that doesn’t have a negative impact on their userbase. 

Firstly, there is an option to tip the Snoop team whenever you make a big saving. This is not obligatory. Secondly, some of the offers that Snoop puts forward will provide the team with a commission if you take them up. This does not affect the userbase in anyway and Snoop will only ever display offers that are worthwhile. Finally, Snoop makes use of transaction data to help businesses spot consumer trends. It’s important to note here that all data is anonymous, and you will never be able to be identified. 

Ultimately, if you’re looking to be in full control of your finances then it makes sense to use the Snoop app. The fact that it’s free means that everyone can give it a go without having to pay out for the chance. There may be other services that offer similar benefits, but Snoop covers earnings, savings, spending habits, bills, deals, and pretty much any other kind of financial issue all under one app. The amount of time you can save by having everything bunched together like this is astonishing, but you’ll also be able to have peace of mind that you’re working towards improved finances at all times. 

Perhaps the most enticing aspect of Snoop is that it can be fully customised to perform in the way that suits you best. If you want less information, then you can set Snoop up to only give you the most important updates. Likewise, if you want full control then Snoop can give you a more comprehensive feed of information. The fact that you also can submit your own Snoops about money saving ideas to help the community is the cherry on the top of the cake. Feeling part of a community of likeminded individuals is something that’s likely to keep many users coming back to the app for regular updates and greater financial stability.

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