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3 Ways To Make Money Rather Than Saving 1



I’ve been spending quite a bit of time delving in and out of various Facebook blogger groups recently and the amount of times I see PRs offering ‘amazing opportunities’ which pay zero beyond a pointless linkback is shocking! Even more shocking though is the sheer amount of bloggers who will do the work for them for FREE!

If you price yourself cheaply they will keep coming back to you or try their arm and try and get another blogger who will do the work for free.

Let’s look at the average amount of work that’s involved with a regular blog post

  • Coming up with the concept

  • Writing it

  • Adding images or any other creative flair to it to make it fit your site and ‘house style’

  • Doing SEO around it

  • Setting up promotion on social media around the post so that it gains a good level of exposure

All of that takes time not to mention we as bloggers (Self hosted ones at least!) pay for our hosting packages by the MB and these blog posts take up room on the server as well just like every other blog post.

To ask us to do all that and pay us absolutely zero is a joke. ‘There is no budget I’m afraid’ means ‘Let’s see if we can find people who will do it for free FIRST and then we can open our wallets’. It’s up there with coming to us bloggers with a very low budget and saying ‘their hands are tied’ but with you push them the WILL end up upping the budget for it.

The longer that bloggers continue to do all the work above for free the longer PRs will keep asking for it. It’s a loop that needs to break!

Offering a link off their random clients site as ‘payment’  is equally a joke. You get to make money and exposure off my blog post and what do I get in return, a link back from whatever random company it is you want me to promote that isn’t really in my niche anyway!

These are PR firms – they DO have a budget so why should you ask us to write 1000 words for you for free!

Bloggers! – Just reply with this next time you are asked to do a load of work for free

‘Sorry, but I don’t work for exposure, please come back to me with your budget’

You will be surprised how many times they magically will!


  1. I had this just this week. I didn’t budge on my price and he told me it was too much and came back two days later to say he’d thought about it and realised he was getting a good deal and to go ahead. It’s all about putting your foot down and knowing your worth, and not settling for much less. Having said that, I have accepted low/poorly paid posts just to make ends meet!

  2. Everyone’s time has a value but I think some bloggers don’t have the confidence to stand up & say this, especially new bloggers.

  3. People are always going to want to try and ask for it cheap or free. We will never change that, all we can do is say no.
    Maybe they’ll get the picture soon enough x

  4. I get emails like this quite frequently and always say no if no payment is offered. It’s a shame that there are bloggers out there that would still do the work.

  5. Oh this so annoying isn’t it? I also hate and find it so annoying when they offer peanuts and act as if they are doing as favour by getting in touch with us. Grrr!

  6. Great post!! I would love to start my blog as job but sadly everyone wants me to work for free. As soon as I think if I get one paid job I will work for myself and send a how much budget is this post, I never get a reply. I honestly don’t know how bloggers get paid work. I pride myself of having 6 years of blogging with a D/A of 44 but that don’t mean a thing when it comes to getting paid 🙁

  7. Someone emailed me the once and ask me to do a blog post for them and I was like well I aint doing it for free. After that they were so rude picking on the fact that Im not a big blogger and dont have many followers

  8. Yay love this post so much. It does get frustrating sometimes. I’ve stopped accepting things for free now (I do reviews if it’s a product I’d buy anyway) and it feels so liberating to say no sometimes! x

  9. Natalia Molinero Mingorance

    thanks for this! sometimes I feel guilty to ask for money but then I realize about all the effort I put into it and they seem to want it for free! lol x

  10. We all get these cheeky offers. I’m clear with people that they are not getting my time or access to the audience that I have built up for free

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