Home Jobs for people with disabilities

home jobs for people with disabilities

Home jobs for people with disabilities

When you are housebound, whether through physical or mental disability it can feel debilitating. At times you may feel like you are never going to be able to have the life that you want. There are lots of ways that you can earn money while housebound. In fact, some of the best online jobs can be completed solely from the comfort of your own home. Whatever the reason you are housebound there are lots of opportunities to increase your income so I thought I would share 3 examples of home jobs for people with disabilities.

The first, and probably the biggest way of earning money at home when you are housebound would have to be RISK-FREE MATCHED BETTING.

Matched Betting is frequently mentioned as a great way to make money online and that is because it really is!

Here are 5 SIMPLE STEPS you need to follow to get yourself started with

Matched Betting

  1. Own a laptop
  2. Using a laptop is the most convenient and easy way to complete your matched betting offers. It is easy to have multiple tabs open to allow you to go back and forth to check your bets when placing them.
  3. Also, you will be accessing online banking and may need to email documents over to confirm your identity to bookmakers. A laptop is the easiest way of matched betting and while it is possible to use a mobile device this could slow you down when it comes to placing bets.
  4. You only need around £60 to get yourself started with matched betting. This is the only money you will ever need to use yourself. From the moment you complete your first offers you will be making a guaranteed profit and as you build your bankroll your profit potential each month will increase.
  5. Sign up to a free trial of Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator is the matched betting service that I personally recommend. Being a member of Profit Accumulator will allow you to have access to hundreds of matched betting offers each week and you will also have a dedicated forum that you can use to discuss matched betting offers. There are thousands of members offering support to one another on the forum.

Follow the instructions to make yourself £45 RISK FREE

You can use the free trial of Profit Accumulator to earn yourself £45. Profit Accumulator allows you to access video and text based instructions to talk you through the first offers that you should
complete. From just two offers you can bag yourself £45 of profit which can then be used to complete more offers and in turn make more profit.

We’ve got a full in-depth review of both Profit Accumlator and Oddsmonkey on the blog and I’ve also talked about how I’ve made over £40,000+ from Matched Betting.

Download Ultimatcher

Ultimatcher is a spreadsheet that allows you to keep track of all the matched bets that you have placed. A handy series of formulas will calculate the total profit that you have made at any one time and it will help you to keep track of all the money you have on different websites. If you want to use Ultimatcher to help you keep track of your matched bets then why not read our beginner’s guide to using Ultimatcher.

Another fantastic way that you can earn yourself money is by completing HOME BASED mystery shops for eDigitalresearch.


This is a mystery shopping company that will allow you to earn money for completing mystery shopping surveys on websites. Surveys typically consist of visiting websites; from a tablet, mobile device or laptop/PC, and providing feedback on the usability. You will visit well-known websites and will answer a series of questions about the overall features of a website including usability, how informative the customer reviews were and how fast a customer service member answers an email.

As well as reviewing the overall quality of a website you have the option to earn additional money by purchasing items. These items can be delivered to your home address and you may also be able to arrange for a courier to collect any returns from you at home also. The purchase parts of surveys are optional extras and you can personally choose the invites that you wish to be accepted for, based on your individual requirements.

There are often online shops and feedback surveys to be completed each month. Surveys start from £3 upwards and there are additional fees on offer if you complete a purchase/return assignment to provide
additional feedback.

Web Search Evaluator Work

Working as a web search evaluator is a fantastic way of earning money when you are housebound. The entire job, even down to the application process, is completed from home, from the comfort of your own sofa.

The main requirements to work as a web search evaluator are that you must own a laptop, have a high speed internet connection and have good research and analytical skills.

To be accepted to work as a web search evaluator you will need to complete an exam. This can be completed from home and there are three stages to the exam. You will be provided with all the literature that you need to study to allow you to pass each of the three stages. It takes around 2 weeks from being invited to complete the exam to completing the exam and finding out if you have been accepted.

Web search evaluator work is paid per hour and it is typically more than the national minimum wage. You will be classed as self-employed so you will need to ensure that you keep your own accounts and
register with HMRC to pay tax and national insurance each year. This is surprisingly straight forward and you can find out everything you need to know about being self-employed by visiting our self employed toolkit.

There are no upfront costs involved in applying to work as a web search evaluator and it is a role that is very flexible. You can work at times that suit you, and are convenient to your family life, but you may be limited slightly as work is not guaranteed to be available at all hours of the day.

So there you have it. You can easily make £800+ a month from RISK FREE Matched Betting, Leapforce will bring in around £500+ and eDigitalResearch should net you around £50-£100 extra. You can actually find £5000+ of income in our 20 Work from home Jobs for Mums so there is plenty more earning opportunity out there!

If you want to maximise the money that you can make while housebound then you can combine the three opportunities above and really boost your income. If you want anymore ideas then just head on over to our forum and ask away!

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