The Best Niches for Your New Blog

Niches for Your New Blog

There are so many reasons why blogging is not only a great hobby, but also a genuine source of side income. Blogging allows you to express your knowledge about topics you enjoy while also building up a fanbase of similarly passionate people. How can it ever be considered work if you’re writing about something you love? If you want to get started on your own blog, the first step is to consider the niche that you want to work in. 

When you’re looking for a niche, it’s important to specialize and focus on a very specific field. For example, among broader topics like wealth building, you should narrow your scope to something like stock investing. This will help you to produce better content and find an audience that is more suited to your subject. It will also help you stand out more among the crowd. Here are some strong niche choices to consider. 

Card Games  

A great focus for your next blog is card games like Texas Hold’em or blackjack. The international community around blackjack is very strong, and there are many people that find it quite stimulating to play blackjack online. In fact, there is still a massive online presence of card game aficionados and numerous forums and social media groups that will help you connect with others when you are first getting started. 

Once you choose the game you want to focus on, you can narrow it down even further. Your blog can be the place players come to for strategy and general blackjack discussion. Or, maybe you would rather focus on the best cities worldwide for blackjack. There are endless choices and while narrowing your niche may isolate some of the global community, it will also help you stand out and really find your own voice. 

Card Games

Fitness and Health

Fitness is one of the golden niches online. There can never be enough content or blogs dedicated to health and fitness. As far as a specialty goes, you’ll find that there are endless choices and more forming every year. There will always be the next fad diet, or workout routine, or muscle building “secrets” that you can utilize and discuss. 

Many health focused individuals enjoy reading up on different methods or programs, so there will always be some audience for your work. This can also often lead to program sales and other avenues for monetization. Fitness and health really is one of the best niches out there if you are a passionate and knowledgeable writer. Just be careful of overcrowding, and be sure that it’s your true passion. 


More so than ever before in history, the public at large is obsessed with technology. From the super computers in our pockets to the internet that most of us interact with every day, technology really has become integrated into our daily lives. If you’re looking for a blog niche, this is a great option to consider. There are advancements being made every year and a never ending stream of breaking news to report. 

Select any individual type of modern technology and you will quickly see the immense potential that is available. Smartphones can provide endless inspiration. Maybe you would like to focus on the newest models coming out. Perhaps you are interested in unique budget alternatives to brands like Apple or Samsung. You could make a blog centered around smartphone accessories or the latest apps. Any major industry can be broken down like this and you will surely find something that is perfect for you.

Self Improvement 

There are massive opportunities here for a blog that is centered around self improvement. A quick search online will reveal thousands of blogs already dedicated to this topic and its many forms. There are niches ranging from improving your finances, to your physique, to your mind, relationships and many other avenues. If you have a personal passion for these subjects or experience that you think is helpful, why not share it with the world? 

One of the strong points of this type of niche is how dedicated the participants are. A simple blog could quickly flourish into a large community of people that all share their tips and philosophy. The path to improvement never ends, and thus you will grow with the community you build up and can be proud of your long term efforts. 

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